Last Updated: Aug 30, 2016 Game Version: 7.0.3


May 31, 2007

Owner: Aezay

Examiner Changes | 2016 Aug 30
- GetUpgradedItemLevel: This library has been renamed into LibItemString. It has a few more features as well as using tooltip scanning to get the true itemLevel.

Examiner Changes | 2016 Aug 29
- GetUpgradedItemLevel: This library has been renamed into LibItemString. It has a few more features as well as using tooltip scanning to get the true itemLevel.

Examiner Changes | 2016 Aug 24
- GetUpgradedItemLevel: Fixed upgradeID pattern not having a capture group.

Examiner Changes | 2016 Aug 22
- TOC version updated to 70000 for the Legion 7.0.3 pre-patch.
- Talents: Updated this module so it should be working again (thanks Farami).
- Talents: Removed some global namespace pollution.
- Updated the "GetUpgradedItemLevel" library. Now supports itemStrings with omitted zeros. Added more Timewarped Warforged IDs (thanks Cidrei).

Examiner Changes | 2015 Dec 07
- TOC version changed to 60200.
- Config: Check boxes should now work properly again.
- LibGearExam: Now detects the "Bonus Armor" stat.
- Updated the "GetUpgradedItemLevel" library. Should fix itemLevel issues with Timewarped items.

Examiner Changes | 2014 Oct 16
- TOC version has been changed to 60000 for the Warlords of Draenor 6.0.2 patch.
- Talents: Fixed for WoD. Modifed things around slightly to fit in a new tier of talents (tanks Netrox). Corrected the passed parameter to GetTalentInfo() as well as the expected returns. Now using the new/renamed constants, i.e. MAX_TALENT_TIERS.
- Guild: Fixed for WoD. Changed to work again with the removal of guild XP and level.
- Updated the "GetUpgradedItemLevel" library. This update will again properly find the correct itemLevel of upgraded items.
- Stats: Player defenses will now show the "PvP Power" stat. It was being tallied by LibGearExam before, but just not shown anywhere within Examiner.
- Localization: Updated the Korean file "koKR.lua". Thanks to fallendos.
- LibGearExam: The "PvP Power" string is now obtained from the translated global constant STAT_PVP_POWER.
- LibGearExam: Changed the itemLink patterns to be more robust and future-proof.

Examiner Changes | 2014 May 24
- Updated the "GetUpgradedItemLevel.lua" library, to include the new upgrade IDs.

Examiner Changes | 2014 Mar 01
- Removed some global namespace polution from the talents module.

Examiner Changes | 2014 Feb 24
- PvP: This module has been updated by ywfn, to work with all the PvP and battleground changes.

Examiner Changes | 2013 Sep 21
- Changed the TOC version to 50400 for the 5.4 patch.
- PvP: Updated this module to work with the now removed API functions. Arena data is no longer supported by WoW. Loading a cached unit that had Arena data stored, will still show however.
- GetUpgradedItemLevel: Patch 5.4: Added IDs 491 to 498 to the table.

Examiner Changes | 2013 May 22
- Changed the TOC version to 50300 for the 5.3 patch.
- Moved the GetUpgradedItemLevelFromItemLink() function into its own Lua file.
- GetUpgradedItemLevel: Patch 5.3: Added the 465/466/467 IDs (0/4/8 lvls) to the table.
- GetUpgradedItemLevel: Patch 5.2: Added the 470 ID (8 lvls) to the table.

Examiner Changes | 2013 Apr 19
- Changed the TOC version to 50200 for the 5.2 patch.
- LibGearExam: Removed a cause for a scan alert debug message. A string pattern match which had been marked obsolete, has again appeared in item tooltips from a new metagem.

Examiner Changes | 2013 Feb 19
- Changed the TOC version to 50100 for the 5.1 patch.
- Items should now show the proper item level when it has been upgraded.
- Removed the code that allowed the "Inspect" item of the drop down unit frame menu to be available at any distance. It is believed this was causing taint. If you want to keep inspecting at any range, assign a keybinding to Examiner.
- GearList: No longer thinks that head pieces are a viable target for enchants.

Examiner Changes | 2012 Oct 30
- Added new "Delayed Scan" module. It should fix some of issues where not all items were loaded after inspecting someone.
- Feats: Fixed an error that often occurred when an achievement tooltip was showing, with the option "Special Achievement Tooltip" enabled.
- Talents: This module is back! It's still not perfect, and it has no glyph details yet.
- LibGearExam: Updated the pattern matching, to catch the stats that no longer contains the word "rating" in tooltips.
- LibGearExam: Fixes the inability to pick up numbers with thousand seperators.
- LibGearExam: Added missing patterns "Increases [Strength/Agility/Stamina/Spirit] by X", often seen on certain set bonuses.
- LibGearExam: Fixed the item string level replacer to work with the new parameter to item links.
- Changed the way set bonuses are loaded and scanned from cached players. Previously, the set bonus text was stored with the cached data, now Examiner just scans the item again to retrieve this info.
- Stats: Fixed the item reforge counter.

Examiner Changes | 2012 Oct 13
- Cache: Fixed the issue with Pandaren textures.
- Feats: Changed the bits set when constructing a completed achievement link, from 32 to 31. This could apparently cause integer overflow.

Examiner Changes | 2012 Aug 30
- Changed the TOC version to 50001 for the 5.0 Mists of Pandaria patch.
- Replaced the use of GetNumPartyMembers() and GetNumRaidMembers() with GetNumGroupMembers().
- Talents: This module has been completely disabled. With the changes to talents in MoP, a complete rewrite would be required.
- Readded the "Glyphs" module in hopes that someone might fix it into a working state for the MoP expansion. It is not enabled by default.
- Feats: Removed an error that occurred when an achievement tooltip with an uneven number of critieria was shown.
- Removed the InspectPaperDollFrame.lua @ line 23 inspect workaround.
- Will now set the global variable "INSPECTED_UNIT" to the last inspected unit.
- Adjusted for the change in return values from the GetInspectGuildInfo() function. This might have broken the guild achievement chat linking feature.
- LibGearExam: The "RangedSlot" entry has been removed.
- LibGearExam: Replaced the attack power string value "ITEM_MOD_ATTACK_POWER_SHORT" with "STAT_ATTACK_POWER".
- LibGearExam: No longer causes Lua errors if a certain stat string is no longer found.

Examiner Changes | 2011 Sep 29
- Changed the TOC version to 40200 for the 4.2 patch.
- Fixed a rare UnitIsUnit() error on UNIT_MODEL_CHANGED event due to the unit arg being passed as nil.
- LibGearExam: Changed the base value for resilience. DR are still not taken into account.

Examiner Changes | 2011 Jan 28
- The slash command "/ex si" which scans an item and lists its stats, will now display an alternative text for ratings, which will be either the rating or percentage, depending on your configuration.
- GearList: Now scans gems directly from the inspected player, if possible, instead of from the itemlink. This means it will be able to detect empty prismatic sockets added from belt buckles or blacksmithing.
- Feats: Now displays guild achievement points in paranthesis, instead of normal achievement points, when viewing guild achievements.
- PvP: Fixed arena teams being occasionally shown in the wrong position.
- LibGearExam: Changed the "Titanium Plating" from block value to parry.
- LibGearExam: Added "Pyrium Weapon Chain" as well as "Adamantite Weapon Chain".
- LibGearExam: Now detects mastery from gems and enchants.

Examiner Changes | 2010 Dec 18
- When loading a cached entry, modules with no data will now properly hide their page.
- Stats: Will no longer show "Rating" on a stat, when the option "Show ratings in percentages" is enabled.
- GearList: Can now detect empty metagem and cogwheel sockets.
- GearList: Now detects which items can be enchanted from the equip location, rather than slot. This means we can tell the difference between a shield and held in offhand item, which have different enchants.
- ItemSlots: The option to always show item levels on the item slots, has had its default setting changed to true.
- Feats: Only shows guild achievements when inspecting yourself. They do not work when inspecting others :(
- Feats: When holding down the Control key, the tooltip will now show your achievement, instead of the inspected person's achievement.
- Guild: Finished the module. It now shows the guild banner, guild name, level and members as well as an experience bar for the guild progession.
- Guild: Caching enabled for this module, enable it from the configurations to store guild banner info in the cache.
- Guild: This module now has its own button in the UI.
- LibGearExam: Removed scan alert from the "+X Block Rating" enchant.
- Core: Loading a cached entry will now properly load the extra guild information, such as ID, level, experience and number of members from the entry.
- Core: Modules now also recieve an "OnPageChanged" event, even when a page is being hidden. Second parameter will determine if the page is shown or hidden.
- Core: Changed back to using the "VARIABLE_LOADED" event instead of "ADDON_LOADED". This ensures Examiner can actually load external modules from another addon.

Examiner Changes | 2010 Dec 06
- Fixed an error that could happen when no page was shown and you targeted an NPC.
- Core: Optimised the inspection process.
- Core: Now also hides the current page for players, if we failed to inspect them.
- Core: Fixed some automatic cache loading issues, for when a unit were outside range.
- Feats: Optimised the category drop down listing, they now reuse the same table, meaning less garbage.
- Feats: Fixed an error that could happen when listing categories.
- Feats: Now sets the bit flags of achievement links, when the achievement has been completed. This means that the criteria show as green instead of grey.
- Feats: When linking one of your own achievements, it will no longer construct the link, but instead use the GetAchievementLink() function. This makes sure the criterion flags are set properly.
- LibGearExam: Fixed resilience not being detected. It changed formatting just like haste did.
- LibGearExam: Changed the base resilience stat rating to 9.58333 (repeating of course).
- Enjoy the new expansion :)

Examiner Changes | 2010 Dec 05
- Removed inspect throttling completely.
- No longer poisons the global nametable with "lastButton".
- Added new module "Module List". This new module will act as a "container" for all other modules which don't have a dedicated button. It will appear as a button named "More". This was required, as it was pretty much impossible to add more modules, without flooding the main UI with too many buttons.
- Added new module "Gear List". Shows a complete overview of all gear items, with their enchants and gems, or the lack thereof.
- Added new module "Item Usage". Builds a list with all items, used by the players in your current shown cache. This way, you can see which items are the most popular ones. Set a cache filter to refine results.
- Added new module "Guild Details". This module has not yet been completed, but when done, it will contain the guild banner, guild level and number of members of the inspected person.
- Core: Delayed inspecting removed! This was done by forcing the client to cache the item link when requesting inspect data, which meant they would be ready for when INSPECT_READY fires later on. Let me know if this causes any issues with missing gems or enchants.
- Core: Now stores extra guild info, such as ID, level, experience and number of members.
- Core: Always hides the current shown page when "inspecting" an NPC.
- Core: New option "Smart Tooltip Anchor". With this option on, tooltips will appear next to the Examiner window, in a fixed position.
- Core: The Examiner window will now appear in a greenish color while inspection is in progress. Once done, it will return to the normal grey. This should help a litte when using mouseover inspect.
- Config: Moved into the new "Module List" module, click the button "More" to find it.
- Cache: Can now show race icon for Worgens and Goblins.
- Cache: When loading a cached player, the page will now always change back to the previous shown one, unless you hold down shift.
- Cache: A cached player will now display an asterisk when coming from a different realm.
- Feats: Guild achievements are now browsable. They will appear in the bottom of the drop down menu, in a pretty aqua color.
- Feats: Other people's personal as well as guild achievements, can now be linked so they show their name.

Examiner Changes | 2010 Nov 26
- Talents: Fixed an issue with the nil bug in the mage talent tree data given by the API. Which caused an empty talent box to be shown in the Arcane tree.
- LibGearExam: Now detects haste again using the new formatting.

Examiner Changes | 2010 Nov 17
- The option to disable the throttle error message was removed.
- A new option to disable the inspect throttle delay, has been added. Please read the option tooltip before you turn this option on.
- Talents: Level estimation for enemy players more than 10 levels above you, are now estimated properly again. Since it uses the number of talent points spent, the level might be estimated incorrectly, and as you only gain a point every 2 level now, it can also show as one level short.
- Reworked the "/ex reset" slash command to work a little better. It will no longer force Examiner to be unmovable again, but instead just center it on the screen.
- The last inspect time variable was made back into a local, which means Examiner wont become blocked by TipTacTalents for example.
- Changed the "VARIABLE_LOADED" event with "ADDON_LOADED".

Examiner Changes | 2010 Nov 07
- If no items are loaded, it will no longer show all the empty item slot buttons. This also applies to when inspect is broken.
- Added new slash command "/ex reset" to reset position of Examiner. Use this if you've moved Examiner offscreen.
- Config: Check buttons now properly updates their state if a module changes an option.
- ItemSlots: Added an advanced debugging tooltip when holding down Alt & Shift on an item. Doing this, will show a break down of the item string data, allowing you to see things like enchantID and reforgeID etc.
- Stats: Details now shows the number of reforged items.

Examiner Changes | 2010 Oct 27
- The core now handles all additional inspection feature requests, such as achievement and honor/arena inspection.
- Added an option to disable the throttle error message if you inspect too often.
- Item strings are now properly cached using the level number of the inspected player. This fixes the issue where viewing heirloom items, on a low level character, would show the stats for your level, instead of theirs.
- The Examiner Scanner was made into a proper library named LibGearExam. Most of its localization was obtained from global strings in WoW, so the only thing that needs to be translated are patterns.
- The variable "lastInspectRequest" used to throttle how often inspecting is done, by checking when the last request happened, has been made into a global, meaning other addons are welcome to use this as well.
- Stats: Removed the details on total and average item slot values.
- Options: Changing an option will now properly call the "OnConfigChange" function of the modules.

Examiner Changes | 2010 Oct 23
- Cleaned up the old, now obsolete, pre 4.0 patch code.
- Most modules will now try and use the default data gathering functions instead of inspect function when inspecting yourself. This means less delay when inspecting yourself, as well as better reliability, in case inspect breaks.
- Moved the module core code into its own lua file "modcore.lua", to make code management easier.
- Core: Inspecting is now somewhat throttled by force. You are only allowed to do one inspect every two second.
- Core: Now properly clears the previous inspect data when loading from cache. This should fix some odd issues that could happen at times.
- Config: The option to combine additive stats now adds intellect to spellpower.
- Cache: When sorting entries by "time", it now formats it, so it is a little more useful.
- Feats: "Feats of Strength Query" feature added back in. You can now see all available Feats of Strength achievements again.
- Talents: Now uses the new event "INSPECT_READY" instead of the removed "INSPECT_TALENT_READY".
- Talents: When you inspect yourself, talents are now viewable, even when inspect has broken.
- Stats: No longer ignores the ranged slot when calculating average item level. Reason it was done before, was because of relics. Classes who used relics, often had to use lower level item, as they were BiS.
- Stats: Removed the temporary slash command "fixcacheitemlevels". Instead, it will now automatically add average item level data to the cached player, if you load an old entry without this data.
- Scanner: The added 30% melee haste that paladins, shamans, death knights and druids gained in patch 3.1, has been removed from the calculations.
- Scanner: Now calculates resilience correctly with the buff that doubled its effect.
- Scanner: Added the set bonus with the text "Increases Intellect by (%d+)". Found on old set bonuses which previously had spell power.
- Scanner: Healing removed as a stat, only Spell Power remains.
- Scanner: Some patterns, which I believe to have been removed from the game, has been marked with an alert status. What this means is, if you inspect someone where one of these patterns matches, Examiner will alert you. Please report to me the pattern Examiner outputs.

Examiner Changes | 2010 Oct 10
- Changed the TOC version to 40000 for the 4.0.1 pre Cataclysm patch.
- Core: Fixed a bug, that if Examiner ran into a Lua error during the inspection process, it would keep requesting inspection data every frame update.
- Core: The slash command "/ex rating" feature, now supports ratings with decimal points.
- Scanner: Added a not 100% correct formula for rating conversions from level 81 to 85. Better than nothing though.
- Scanner: Dodge, parry, block and resilience ratings are now properly calculated for characters level 33 and under.
- Scanner: Fixed armor penetration rating being calculated with an incorrect base.
- Scanner: Added support for mastery rating.
- Feats: Added new category drop down item: "Tracked Achievements". This will list all your current tracked achievements.
- Feats: Also added another new category "Recent Achievements", which shows the last 5 achievements earned.
- Feats: It is now possible to sort achievements by their date of completion.
- Feats: When the pre Cataclysm patch hits, the "Feats of Strength Query" drop down option is being removed. This was changed because Blizzard no longer allows you to randomly query achievements to see which ones exists.
- Feats: The filter string will no longer try and match the category name.
- Feats: Achievement tooltips no longer show achievement and category ID, they were pretty much just a debugging remnant. I have however added an option to add them back in, should anyone need it.
- Talents: Added forward compatibility with patch 4.0.1, the pre Cataclysm patch. This is mostly to make sure it runs with as few issues as possible, expect another release after the patch.
- Talents: Talents which grants an ability, now has a differnt border around them, to make them stand out. Requires 4.0 patch to show.

Examiner Changes | 2010 Aug 14
- Fixed a bug in most modules, that could cause an error when linking an item, talent or achievement into chat.
- Feats: Increased the width slightly of the drop down category selector.
- Cache: Added a "Show Alts" filter. With this enabled, only your alts will be shown in the cache. Great for checking what gear they have. You must reinspect yourself on your alts for this to work.
- Scanner: Set bonuses are now once again properly scanned. Not certain when this broke.
- Glyphs: This module has been removed. I had originally added this because I hoped Blizzard would add glyph inspection into the API, but that never happened. Maybe one day it will return.

Examiner Changes | 2010 Jun 27
- Fixed the "ChatFrameEditBox" issues.

Examiner Changes | 2009 Dec 16
- Changed the TOC version to 30300 for the 3.3 patch.
- Glyphs: Added a check for empty string returned as realm for units out of range. This will fix the error where it reported the "Player-" not being online.

Examiner Changes | 2009 Nov 28
- Localisation: Updated the Russian translation, thanks to Hoofik.

Examiner Changes | 2009 Nov 03
- ItemSlots: Added option to show item levels all the time, and not just when holding down the ALT key.
- Scanner: Armor Penetration rating is now showing correct according to the new patch 3.2.2 value.
- Scanner: Gems with armor penetration should now be detected.

Examiner Changes | 2009 Aug 13
- Scanner: Ratings for dodge, parry and resilience has been corrected with the new patch 3.2 values.

Examiner Changes | 2009 Aug 09
- Changed the TOC version to 30200 for the 3.2 patch.
- Replaced the renamed "GetDifficultyColor" with "GetQuestDifficultyColor".
- Core: The delayed gem scan workaround will now properly re-cache the items.
- Stats: With the extra item tooltip lines added to in the 3.2 patch, the gem color detection should now work again.
- Feats: It's again possible to click an achievement to see its previous and following ones.
- Glyphs: Fixed a problem when requesting glyphs from players on other servers.
- Scanner: Negative stats are now detected, such as the "-5 Stamina" seen on "Fletcher's Gloves".
- Scanner: Optimised the line scanning a bit.
- Localisation: Updated the translation for the Taiwan version of WoW, thanks again ericyen.
- Localisation: The Korean translation has been updated, thanks chkid.

Examiner Changes | 2009 May 24
- Core: Changed the delayed gem inspection workaround from 0.5 seconds to 0.6.
- Core: The InspectUnit() function now supports a secondary parameter, setting this to false, makes Examiner not open. This could be useful for a plugin module that for example would inspect all people in the raid.
- Core: Auto caching of a player is now properly done after the inspection is done. This allows modules to easily add extra data to be cached.
- Stats: Prismatic gems now counts towards all colors for the "Gem Matches".
- Stats: No longer gives an error when inspecting someone who is naked or who is wearing gray items.
- Stats: The Average Item Level is now added to a cached entry.
- Stats: Adds a new sort method to the cache module: "iLvlAverage".
- Stats: Added a temporary slash command "/ex fixcacheitemlevels" that will give all your old cache entries and average itemlevel value, making it possible to sort cache by average item level.
- ItemSlots: When you hold down the Alt key, the item level of each item is shown on the item slot button.
- ItemSlots: Fixed a rare bug that could show a questionmark icon instead of an empty slot.
- ItemSlots: Fixed a bug caused by not clearing inspect data before reloading the cached entry when clicking on an item shown as a questionmark.
- Feats: The filter will now search the achievement rewards for a match.
- Feats: This module can now cache the number of achievement points a player has.
- Feats: Adds a new sort method to the cache module: "achievementPoints".
- Cache: Filtering has been improved, you can now set a filter similar to the /who function, for example a filter set to "1-79" will show all non 80s. There is also a class filter, use "class:deathknight" to show all Death Knights. Read more in the "readme.txt" file.
- Cache: Added two more entries to the cache menu, "Delete Shown Entries" and "Delete Hidden Entries". Using the new filtering, this is a good way to trim down your cached entries.
- Cache: The sort methods has been reworked, in the way that other modules can add new ways to sort cached entries. For examiner, the "Stats" module will add an "iLvlAverage" sort method.
- PvP: The Arena Point Calculator will now properly calculate points using 1500 rating if the given rating is less than 1500.
- Core: Added a new function "Examiner:GetModuleFromToken(token)" for modules to use if they need to interact with eachother.

Examiner Changes | 2009 May 10
- [Hotfix] It should now be possible to inspect others from a unitframe's right click menu again.
- Major rewrite of Examiner. It is now build up from modules, this means it will be a lot easier to update, edit and maintain. It is even possible to add third party plugin modules that adds extra features to Examiner.
- New Module: Glyphs. With this module you can examine other people's glyphs, although it does require them to have Examiner installed as well.
- Added a workaround for the missing gems when inspecting, it will not always work, especially not when inspecting a mouseover unit.
- It is now a lot more clear when watching a cached entry, then entire Examiner frame will get a slight tint of yellow.
- The "Scan Unknown Items" option has been removed, as it was obsolete.
- Caching is now completely disabled by default, if you want to cache other people you inspect, you'll have to enable it on the "Config" page.
- ItemSlots: The tooltip that is shown when holding down the Alt key, will now has the stat names sorted.
- Talents: A right click menu was added to this module, you can now pick the shown talent spec, either active, primary or secondary.
- Feats: Lowered the increasing memory usage a little, by implementing a table recycler.
- Stats: Both the "I" and "C" icons has been removed completely. The information previously available by hovering your mouse over these icons, has been moved into it's own list, right click the "Stats" button and change view, or use the shortcut [Ctrl + Click].
- Stats: The detail page will now show a Combined and Average Item Slot Value number. These numbers are somewhat of a gear score, it will take item rarity into account, meaning that a person in level 200 epics rate higher than someone in level 200 blues, unlike how the Combined and Average Item Level numbers.
- Feats: The highest profession skills are now shown on the details page, which is part of the Stats page.
- Localisation: The "StatEntryOrder" table has been removed from the localisation file, it is now constructed using localised strings.
- Localisation: Included a new Korean translation, thanks to chkid.
- Localisation: New translation for the Taiwan version of WoW, thanks ericyen.
- Scanner: Removed the feral attack power stat.
- Scanner: Added 40 block value from "Titanium Plating" (Thanks chkid).
- Scanner: Corrected armor penetration rating values, it now show the 25% increased values, which was changed in patch 3.1.
- Scanner: Melee haste rating will now show 30% higher values for shamans, paladins, druids, and death knights, as changed in patch 3.1.
- Scanner: Some enchants which previously only had a name, such as Icewalker or Vitality, was made into showing their stats. They should now be cought by the scanner again.
- Scanner: Titanium Weapon Chain changed to increase hit rating by 28.

Examiner Changes | 2009 Apr 18
- Changed the TOC version to 30100 for the 3.1 patch.
- Scanner: Now detects Void Star Talisman (Warlock T5 Class Trinket) again.
- Scanner: Removed the obsolete "Infused Amethyst" workaround.
- Many localised strings has been moved out from the localisation files.
- Examiner now uses the CUSTOM_CLASS_COLORS table to colorise classes if available.
- Fixed a global namespace polluting the key "f" with a fontstring.
- The talent frame has been completely rewritten to work with patch 3.1, and no longer uses the TalentFrameBase code of the default interface.
- Removed the ability to send player stats through the addon whisper channel, to other people using the "Send To..." command. I don't think this feature was very much used, and even so, the code was very old and badly written.

Examiner Changes | 2009 Mar 16
- Scanner: The DK enchant "Rune of the Stoneskin Gargoyle" which got added in the last realease, actually adds 25 real defense, and not defense rating. Because of this I've removed it again to not mess up the stats. Would be nice to add it properly, but would have to make some changes to the scanner then.
- This was actually in the last release, but the average item level sum, no longer includes the relic/ranged slot because often classes which uses relics, have a low item level in that slot due to the lack of proper high level ones.
- You can now link achievements as text with a money value, as the gold, silver and copper icons will get stripped and replaced with "g", "s" and "c".
- Scanner: The Kirin Tor head enchant, which should have been added in the last release wasn't working. This has now been fixed, and it should be detected properly.
- Added the new code for tracking achievmenets in patch 3.1.

Examiner Changes | 2009 Feb 20
- Better handling of page changes, should stay more consistant while going from normal frames to talents and back. Also works better when inspecting an NPC and then a player or vice versa.
- Scanner: The Wyrmrest head enchant should now properly have its mp5 detected.
- Scanner: The "Surefooted", "Icewalker" and "Accuracy" enchants will now also increase spell hit and crit.
- Scanner: Now also matches the crit rating on the Kirin Tor head enchant, which has a lower case "r" in Rating.
- Scanner: Haste gems should now properly add to both spell and melee/ranged haste.
- Scanner: Added the following enchants: "Titanium Weapon Chain", "Tuskarr's Vitality", "Wisdom" and "Greater Vitality".
- Simplified the stat overview a little by not listing stats such as crit and haste under both the melee and spell category. Now there is a new category named "Basic Ratings" which will show the crit, hit and haste ratings.
- The Russian translation has been updated by Hoofik of AshenVale (RU).
- Scanner: The Death Knight enchant "Rune of the Stoneskin Gargoyle" now adds 25 defense rating.

Examiner Changes | 2008 Dec 15
- Fixed an update problem with honor and arena teams, that sometimes didn't show all data unless you inspected them several times.
- Removed hunter pet backgrounds, they don't really fit as well as the others.
- Armor Penetration Rating should now be shown in percent again.
- Scanner: Added the "Icewalker" boot enchant.
- Scanner: Added the "Accuracy" weapon enchant.
- Scanner: New MP5 enchant pattern added, "+X Mana/5 second". Unsure which shoulder enchant it is, but I just saw one with it.
- You can now click on an achievement, and if it has any pre or followups, a list of them all will be shown. To go back to the normal display, just click any achievement, or select a new category from the list.
- Updated the German translation, thanks to Thorakon.
- The Feats dropdown menu now has a "Feats of Strength Query" entry, selecting this will show all the feats of strength achievements that exists in WoW. Added because the "Feats of Strength" category, unlike other categories, only shows the ones you or the inspected player has.

Examiner Changes | 2008 Nov 11
- Added a missing "Armor Penetration Rating" pattern.
- Removed the old Armor Penetration pattern, which no longer is used.
- Shift right clicking the main buttons, now does something. Cache & Feats button will clear the filters. For the Stats button, it will clear compare.
- If you are looking at your own achievements in Examiner, you can now shift click one to track it.
- With the option "Act as UI Frame" disabled, Examiner will once again save its position between sessions.
- The "Feats" frame now shows 8 achievements per page instead of 9.
- If a cached entry has been loaded, the model should now properly be cleared so it doesn't show the last shown unit if Examiner got hidden and then shown again.
- Included a new Frensh translation, thanks to Maxfunkey (aka Carambha of EU-Loardaeron).
- The feats filter will now also match the achievement description in addition to the name and category.

Examiner Changes | 2008 Nov 03
- Added the sort option "completed" for achievements.
- Thanks to Maxfunkey (aka Carambha of EU-Lordearon), the German translation has been updated.
- Added filter options to hide complete or incomplete Achievements from the list.
- The Korean translation has been updated, thanks to omosiro.
- Moved the dropdown code of the achievement page into its own Lua file. The reason I have to use my own dropdown code and not the one already existing in the UI, is because they do not support scrollbars.
- Achievement now always show a custom tip, if you wish to see the default WoW tip for achievements, hold down the ALT key.

Examiner Changes | 2008 Oct 30
- Readded Russian translation from "Darigaaz of SoulFlayer" and updated to 3.0 by "Hoofik of AshenVale".
- Set the default value of the "Query Achievements" option to false, enable it if you want Examiner to query them.
- You can now link talents into the chat.
- The full category name is now listed for achievements.
- Renamed the "Badge" button to "Feats", as it sounds more appropriate for Achievements and Statistics.
- Filter option added for Achievements and Statistics, use the "Feats" button's right click menu or just shift click the "Feats" button to set it.
- Added a drop down menu on the "Feats" page, use this to select the category of Achievements and Statistics you wish to see.
- Achievements and Statistics are no longer updated and listed unless you are viewing the "Feats" page.
- You can no disable sorting of both the cache list and feats, by selecting the "none" sort option from the dropdowns.
- Viewing Achievements can now be done even if the player is out of normal inspect range.