Enhanced Raid Frames

"...makes the stock raid frames as good as Grid2 and VuhDo, but without the learning curve!" -Tom Hanks, probably

Enhanced Raid Frames is a raid frame add-on for World of Warcraft: Shadowlands, World of Warcraft: Classic, and The Burning Crusade: Classic that adds many small but significant features to enhance the (already quite awesome) built-in raid frames, allowing the raid frames to function much closer to add-ons such as Grid/Grid2 or VuhDo — the most notable addition being configurable aura indicators.

Along with options to adjust the out-of-range distance, frame scale, frame opacity, overlay target icons, and numerous other small features, Enhanced Raid Frames adds 9 aura indicators for each raid member, forming a 3x3 grid overlaying each unit frame. These indicators allow for showing the presence, countdown time, and stack size of buffs and debuffs in any configuration that suits your needs, which has become absolutely vital for endgame content. While designed with healing in mind, other common use cases for Enhanced Raid Frames include competitive PvP, endgame tanking, or really any type of gaming that involves quick and easy access to vital information.

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Example of indicators on a unit. Displayed here are the cooldown frames for Rejuvenation, Germination, Regrowth, Ironbark, Spring Blossoms, Wild Growth, and Lifebloom. Notice how each HoT has a specified location to maximize readability and reflex in combat.

Example 1

This is an example of what you can expect in a raid setting after setting up Enhanced Raid Frames. This example is for a restoration druid, but an experience such as this would be common for all healing (and non-healing) classes.

Example 2


The configuration can be reached through the standard addon options (ESC -> Interface -> Addons -> Enhanced Raid Frames)

Example 3

Aura Indicators

The following can be used as buffs/debuffs:

  • Name Buff/Debuff - Make sure this corresponds exactly to the name of the buff/debuff
  • Spell ID - ID of the spell to track (useful when the spell name is ambiguous, i.e. Germination)
  • "Magic / Poison / Disease / Curse" - To show any debuffs of that category
  • "PvP" - To show if a unit is PvP flagged
  • "ToT" - To show if a unit is the target of your target

Likewise, there are many other options to configure such as whether to show cooldown text, stack size, tooltips, etc.

Example 4


Enhanced Raid Frames was inspired by the amazing Blizzard Raid Frame: Indicators addon by Szandos, for World of Warcraft prior to Legion.