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Uploaded Jul 3, 2021
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2020/06/03 v111
    1. You can turn on the `Use Global Profile` option to apply settings on all your characters.
    2. Fix the map high light.

2020/10/28 v101
    1. Configs for the minimap and handynotes are added in the menu.

2020/10/20 v100
    1. The drop menu is added with many features.
    2. The frame strata can be changed, so you can put the map in the background or the very font.
    3. The tab frame can be blocked so you won't see it, but need use `/ebfm blocktab off` to show it, or the menu can't be used.

2020/07/18 v091
    1. Fix for battle ground.

2020/07/17 v089
    1. You can click to send ping to raid/group/guid members.
    2. use `/ebfm ping [3-10]`  to change the display time of the ping icon.
    3. You can drag the resizer in the bottom right corner to change the map now. The alt+mouse wheel is removed, since you can change the size more easily.

2020/05/21 v087
    1. /ebfm mouse on/off added to enable the mouse action or not

2019/11/10 v084
    1. Force data providers to refresh when you start moving.

2019/09/02 v081
    1. Make the hightlight pin ignore the global scale, so they'll be displayed well now.

2019/08/31 v078
    1. Pin scale setting added.

2018/08/30 v075
    1. Fix the party and raid member's scale.

2018/08/23 v074
    1. /ebfm worldquest [0.1-2] - added to change the world quest icon's scale, default 0.5
    2. the world quest icon should show the reward.

2018/08/22 v073
    1. The player arrow should be displayed above other icons.

2018/07/31 v072
    1. /ebfm arealabel [0.1-4] - added to change the area label's size

2018/07/29 v071
    1. the zone text's size will be auto-changed based on the text.
    2. the minimap player arrow would be hidden, so there won't be two player arrow displayed.

2018/07/29 v069
    1. /ebfm player 1.2 - added to change the player's arrow.
    2. You can use mousewheel to change the zone text's size.

2018/07/29 v068
    1. Zone text added

2018/07/29 v067
    1. Fix the minimap's border won't shown when send it back

2018/07/28 v066
    1. fix the error if not load the battfield map when entering the game

2018/07/27 v065
    1. Reduce the memory leak caused by blz's map method, you may still got some memory leak, because blz calc its memory cost into the EBFM.

2018/07/24 v064
    1. Add support to HandyNotes

2018/07/22 v063
    1. Add support to toggle the map in the dungeon

2018/07/22 v061
    1. Fix the Minimap's FrameLevel

2018/07/21 v058
    1. Update for 8.0, several features canceled

2018/03/29 v056
    1. Fix code error that would cause the memory increment

2018/03/28 v055
    1. Update for new PLoop & Scorpio

2017/02/09 v054
    1. "/ebfm unit [0.1-10]" command added to change the unit mark's scale, like the player arrow.

2017/12/26 v053
    1. Fix the WorldMapTooltip won't be restored.

2017/12/14 v052
    1. It seems there is no need to hide the minimap's player icon when turn on the incminimap.

2017/12/14 v051
    1. Fix the zone map won't fit to all window if the ebfm scroll form is resized by other addons(ChatTabBind as example).

2017/12/13 v050
    1. The landmarks won't block the area's toggling.
    2. '/ebfm incminimap always' added to make sure the minimap always be kept in the BattlefieldMinimap.
    3. '/ebfm opacity [0-1]/off' added to fix the opacity settings reset by blz.

2017/12/12 v049
    1. Block the blz's action to toggle map to wrong area on landmarks.

2017/12/10 v047
    1. Fix the border don't hide when close the battlefieldminimap.

2017/12/04 v046
    1. Border added.
    2. /ebfm color r, g, b[, a] added to modify the board's color.

2017/11/21 v045
    1. Fix the Minimap's FrameStrata to make sure it's above the BattlefieldMinimap.

2017/11/06 v044
    1. You can right-click boss encouter to hide it until you quit or reload. It'd block the battle field of the boss fight.

2017/10/26 v042
    1. The cosmic map is unexpected shown in dungeon, fixed now.
    2. The minimap will be hidden when incminimap on and player is in dungeon, you can shift+M close the battlefield minimap to toggle them.

2017/10/25 v041
    1. new '/ebfm nodungeon on/off' command, used to auto-hide the battlefield minimap when in dungeon, since the player's location can't be found.

2017/10/25 v039
    1. new '/ebfm incminimap on/off' command, used to include the minimap to show mines/herbs and other POIs that can't be displayed by the battlefield minimap. It's a trick features, so default off, and may not works well with your minimap addons.

2017/09/16 v038
    1. Add toggle map support for new argus.

2017/09/02 v037
    1. Fix the portal's icon.

2017/06/28 v035
    1. The hide when dis-mount support druid now.
    2. Some world quest's icon is replaced by the reward.

2017/06/26 v033
    1. the minimap won't hide when your mouse is over it.

2017/06/26 v032
    1. /ebfm nodismount on/off is added, if turn on the minimap will only show when the player is mounted.

2017/05/30 v031
    1. Fix the scale of the vehicles.

2017/05/11 v030
    1. Disable the quest story POI and graveyard poi when out of the window.

2017/05/06 v029
    1. Fix error when encounter end and the BattleFieldMinimap not loaded.

2017/04/28 v028
    1. Fix error triggered when BattleFieldMinimap not loaded and open the worldmap.

2017/04/17 v027
    1. Fix error when log in with combat.
    2. Fix the taint error.

2017/04/13 v026
    1. Fix boss encounter tip and usable.

2017/04/12 v025
    1. Fix the enable/disable for scaled settings.

2017/04/11 v024
    1. When POIs is outside the window, they'll still catch the mouse action, so it'll show the tooltip or block other mouse action, so a rect check is added to enable/disable those pois.

2017/04/02 v023
    1. Delay 1 sec to refresh land marks seems a bad idea, change the logic to smooth it.

2017/04/01 v022
    1. Click to move ability is canceled, instead of it, right-click the minimap will zoom out like world map, left click will be used to change the zone, other buttons like middle-button will be used to change back to the current zone.

    2. Fix lock player in the center not work when on taxi.

2017/03/31 v021
    1. The minimap will only keep the player in the center when player is moving.

2017/03/31 v020
    1. "/ebfm scale 1.0" (0.1-10) command added, used to scale the POIs' size.

2017/03/30 v019
    1. Reduce memory increasement.

2017/03/30 v018
    1. Label will be displayed for land marks.

2017/03/30 v017
    1. Fix for 7.2.0
    2. Scenario marks and blobs added.

2017/03/20 v016
    1. Fix error when quit the game if you don't use the BattlefieldMinimap.

2017/03/13 v015
    1. Fix an error if you don't use the BattlefieldMinimap.

2017/03/12 v014
    1. Fix the tip won't show for world quest.

2017/03/09 v013
    1. The coords of the curosr would be displayed if your mouse is in the minimap.

2017/03/08 v012
    1. Hide the origin POI.

2017/03/08 v011
    1. Make the boss icon more smaller.
    2. Hide the boss icon during boss-fighting.

2017/03/08 v010
    1. Smooth the animation if you click the minimap twice in a very shor time.
    2. Keep show the BattlefieldMinimap when entering the dungeon if you don't close it.

2017/03/08 v009
    1. Add boss encounter marks for dungeon and raids.
    2. Re-code the addon to make the codes more clear.
    3. You can use Ctrl+mouse wheel to scale the BattlefieldMinimap more quickly.
    4. You can left-click one point at the BattlefieldMinimap to show it in the center.

2017/03/07 v008
    1. The BattlefieldMinimap's origin size is not correct, so the unit's position and land marks won't be displayed in the correct coords, fix it's size based on the WorldMap.

2017/03/07 v007
    1. Fix the tip don't show when the WorldMap reset it.
    2. The units would be shown above the other marks.

2017/03/06 v005 - v006
    1. Fix nil error, re-fix the teammate's size.
    2. Fix an error when BattlefieldMinimap not loaded.

2017/03/06 v004
    1. Fix the teammate's size on the minimap.

2017/03/06 v002-v003
    1. Fix a display error for the BattlefieldMinimapTab.
    2. Fix tip error for quest.

2017/03/03 v001
    1. Finish the first version.

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