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Minimalistic plugin and layout installer for ElvUI

• Always up-to-date for the latest ElvUI changes
• Custom presets for DPS, Tanks, Healers and Augmentation
• Discord server for UI topics, support and social chats
• Layouts are specifically built for high Mythic+ and Raiding
• One of the most optimized UIs out there for the best possible performance


• All layouts are built on 1440p with full support and scaling for 1080p players
• Full support for all current WoW versions such as Retail, Cataclysm and Classic
• ElvUI tags for detailed health information, healer-only mana and more
• Option to automatically fill out the delete text when destroying items
• Options to configure performance related and hidden Blizzard settings
• Options to disable annoying Blizzard features like Boss Banners and more
• Toggles for Blizzards cosmetic on-screen ffx effects and other visuals
• WeakAuras import strings for some of the classes I decide to play
• WeakAuras import strings for general utility and other features
• WeakAuras import strings for Dungeon & Raid pack edits to fit my layout style


BossMods: BigWigs, LittleWigs
NamePlates: Plater, ElvUI NamePlates
AddOns: Details, OmniCD, WarpDeplete
Plugins: AddOnSkins, ProjectAzilroka, Shadow&Light, WindTools

Chat commands

/lucky install [Re-Run the installer process]
/lucky config [Opens the ingame options]
/luckydebug on [Disables all AddOns except ElvUI and LuckyoneUI for troubleshooting]
/luckydebug off [Re-Enables all AddOns disabled by the command above]
/vault or /weekly [Open your great vault to check weekly progress]

Required AddOns

• LuckyoneUI will always require the most recent version of ElvUI.
Download link: Get ElvUI on the official website

Luckyone WeakAuras

• All my public import strings will be shared and updated on Wago.
Profile link: Luckyone on Wago

Luckyone on Twitch and YouTube

• Raiding and Mythic+ content. Evoker and Druid PoV most of the time.
Twitch link: Luckyone1996 on Twitch
YouTube link: LuckyoneWoW on YouTube

Setup guide

• Installation guide for new users without ElvUI experience is available on Wowhead.
Guide link: View guide on Wowhead


• Simple static web page without ads for quick access to all important links.
Website link: Luckyone Development Website