ElvUI Progressive Colored DataBars (Classic)

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Fully working, but no Config menu in ElvUI

#2 By  Vedanta

Created Oct 16, 2019 Updated Nov 15, 2019

Assigned to  myrroddin

What version of ElvUI do you have installed?

  • 1.14


What version of Progressive Colored DataBarsdo you have installed?



Do you have other ElvUI addons or modifications?

yes, ExtraActionBars and ChannelAlerts





Thank you a lot for this nice little Addon, everything is working, except the config menu like you are showing in the Screenshot. 

It is listed in the "Plugins" menu, but there is no config entry in the ElvUI menu, 

Vedanta   added a tag
  Oct 16, 2019
Nov 15, 2019

Sorry for the delay in responding. When you click Plugins > Progressive Colored DataBars you aren't seeing the options? I will have to check out this ChannelAlerts to see if it is conflicting.

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