ElvUI Progressive Colored DataBars (Classic)

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Make your DataBars more interesting!




Required Additional Addon

Progressive Colored DataBars will not work without ElvUI for World of Warcraft: Classic. You must download and install ElvUI yourself, or use their installer client for Windows. ElvUI is not available anywhere else.


Tested with the Following ElvUI Plugins

  • AddOnSkins
  • ElvUI_QuestXP_Classic
  • MerathilisUI-Classic
  • ElvUI AdiBags


Retail Version of ElvUI Progressive Colored DataBars


Colourize Your ElvUI

  • Change XP colour
  • Change rested XP colour
  • Choose between the default Blizzard/ElvUI colours for each reputation level, ASCII pre-set colours (more vibrant), or set your own custom colours
  • NOTE: to use custom colours you must change the menu and select Custom instead of ASCII or Default.
  • Replace maximum XP and reputation text on the bars with "Capped"
  • As you gain XP or reputation, the bars's alpha or opacity gets brighter


Translate into Different Languages

Follow this link to add your localizations.


Bugs and Suggestions

Got an improvement or found something isn't working? Go here and add your two coppers!


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