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« Description »
GennUI is a minimalistic ElvUI edit designed to fit the needs of any role or spec in one profile.

« Features »
• Easy to use installer that set things automatically.
• Adds custom tags, textures and fonts.
• 2 Themes: Dark and Class Colored.
• Tweaks: Easy Delete, Tooltip Icons.
• Set up supported AddOns automatically, matching the UI style.

« Screenshot »



« Requirements »
• ElvUI v13.01+

« Highly recommended »
• AddOnSkins
• WindTools (For Retails only)

« Note »
• The UI is optimized for 1920×1080 resolution and 0.64 UI Scale, if you have different settings you may want to move some things around.
• Please consider backup any AddOns settings that you may want to keep.
• For bug reports or requests please visit GennUI Git Repo.

« Installation »
• GennUI install should pop automatically upon login, follow the on screen instructions.
• If you have made significant changes to GennUI and want to keep them after any update just hit the “Skip Process” button in the install window.

« Supported AddOns »
• AddOnSkins
• BattleGround Eenemies
• BigDebuffs
• BigWigs
• Capping
• Deadly Boss Mods
• Details
• Diminish
• Gladius
• Mik’s Scrolling Battle Text
• OmniBar
• OmniCD
• Plater
• ProjectAzilroka
• WarpDeplete

« Special Thanks »
• Skullflower and Naowh for inspiration.
• Blazeflack, Benik and Simpy for the great help and assistance.
• Blinkii & Skullflower for the awesome textures.
• Tweaks credits: Blazeflack, Kesava, Resike.