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I'm playing at the moment, but I will not develop this addon, but I will updated and add fixes if you write them


Updates for Dragonflight

It seems like Retail also works for TBC and Wotlk **untested**


Original Addon: Ellipsis

Dependencies: LibClassicDurations (Classic)


Ellipsis (indicating omission)
Typography - A mark consisting of three periods, colloquially known as 'dot-dot-dot'.

Ellipsis is an addon that features multi-target aura tracking for spells that you (and your pet) cast on others. Additionally, it keeps track of your pet's spells when cast on others, tracks ground-targeted AoEs, temporary minion summons, and totems. Cooldowns for your items, pet abilities, and your own abilities can also be tracked. Options can be accessed by typing either /ellipsis or /...

Aura - HoTs, DoTs, Buffs & Debuffs cast by you or your pet
Unit - Yourself, your pet, party members or hostile mobs (basically anything you can hurl spells at)

Auras, Units & Unit Groups
All auras you cast are attached to the unit they are cast on and these are then separated into one of 7 groups when displayed. The first 4 groups are based on what the unit is, the 5th is a special case (see The Non-Targeted Unit below), and the last 2 are overrides for your current target and focus to keep them separate (if desired) from every other displayed unit. Each group can be assigned to any of the 7 available display frames, and multiple groups can be assigned to a single frame.

Example: Assign all harmful units to frame [1], and your target to frame [2] to quickly reference the DoT situation on your current target 'pulled out' from the mess of all your other DoTs.

The Non-Targeted Unit
Some auras exist without any unit to attach themselves to such as temporary minion summons, totems, and ground-targeted AoE spells. These are all grouped together under the special Non-Targeted unit, which is the sole member of the non-targeted group (and can be assigned to a display frame and sorted just like any other unit).

There are two 'mods' included with Ellipsis, the main mod itself (folder: Ellipsis) and the configuration options (folder: Ellipsis_Options). Only the first is required to use the mod, though you will not be able to change options without the latter; Ellipsis_Options is also Load on Demand and thus won't use up any resources until you begin changing options (which is also why its a separate folder/addon). Also, you need to download and install LibClassicDurations to your addon folder.