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ElitismHelper is a small yet very efficient addon with the goal to raise awareness of avoidable damage sources (and therefore reducing the amount of silly deaths and wipes as well) in all Shadowlands dungeons and reports unnecessary spell hits and fails in the party, raid or instance chat.

There's a threshold of 30% of the targets hp as damage taken (in 4/8 seconds) for reports to trigger in order to avoid unnecessary reports in lower difficulties. If damage is absorbed, mitigated, missed, blocked, deflected or otherwise immuned below the threshold, there won't be any call-out either. Also, if more than one party member uses the addon, only one will send reports so that the chat doesn't get too spammy.

Feel free to check out the source code for all currently blocklisted abilities and let us know on GitHub, CurseForge or directly in the comment section on Curse below if you can think of any other spells that should be included, or have any ideas to improve the addon otherwise.

Improve yourself, f̶l̶a̶m̶e̶  improve your group mates, be an Elitist!