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v5.12/13: added BfA gems, changed stats on some gems, cleaned code, fixed minor bugs. If you get errors or wrong stats on first time loading please issue /egl scan on command line or press the button to scan gems in the option menu. If I missed any gem for stat update, please tell me.


List of gems, groupable by socket color, stat, quality, level and class. Favorite gems can be saved in an extra list for each character.


This addon will attach to minimap and integrates in any action bar supporting ldb (i.e. Titan). You can also start this addon using the slash commands /egl or /epicgemlist. Use shift + click to copy a gem-link to the chat edit box or auction house. Use ctrl + click to save favorite gems. Gem data will be saved in a local database for all chars, settings will be saved separately for each char.

/egl minimap (toggles minimap button)
/egl config (open configuration window)
/egl scan (force scan of gem data)


First time loading can be a bit slow due to requesting all gem data from server. This also happens if the addon version changes or the wow client gets an update. Further starts should always load gem data from locally saved variables. Cogwheels and some epic raid drops still missing.


  • search for raw gems
  • sometimes include looted and bought gems

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Feel free to leave a comment here or use the Ticket Tracker for errors and suggestions.