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- updated .toc file for 8.0

- *NOTE* disabled loading of the chat colours as it was causing issues with ElvUI(which I use) when the Guild Panel was modified(notes, ranks, etc.) this may be re-enabled manually by removing the comments on Lines 108 - 111, but I will not support issues with that modification for the time being.



- updated .toc file for 7.2


- updated .toc file for 7.1

- fixed issue where other addons disable the 'Show Class Colors' setting in the chat window settings. this was causing a nil error due to...reasons?

- Added saving of the 'Show Class Colors' setting for each chat channel
- fixed a bug with the saving of the previous colour settings, colours of new characters should no longer overwrite the colours you have set unless you use the '/een save'. As a part of this change, changes to colours that aren't saved when the '/een load' command is run will be lost!

- Bug found by 'Canettieri' (thanx :D ) where the autoload was always autoloading, this has been fixed but points to why you may want the autoload on all the time(see 'Known Caveats' section for info)
- Updated the info and addon description

- TOC version update
- *NOTE* There may be other changes that I haven't noted, this update is from my running copy of the addon that I test with and I haven't played with the code in a long time. I'm pretty sure it's all the same, but it works and I've forgotten it was even there :P

- CLEANED up the code, added some comments (in case someone wanted to go thru and use part or all of the addon, just let me know what you're using and I'll test my addon with yours & it's new code addition(s))
- CHANGED the reset function to move the tabs to the middle of the screen. They will keep their size(if they were really big, they might be off screen(?) but they'd have to have been REALLY big :P )
- ADDED a message pop-up to reload the ui automagically after the reset. This is suggested as some changes seem to only show after this(re-docking windows only shows after the UI has reloaded)
- CHANGED when the addon loads. I no longer enters on PLAYER_ENTERED_WORLD but instead now runs on LOADING_SCREEN_DISABLED. Basically it should fire every time the loading screen closes, making it update a bit more often but nothing too crazy. This also means it should load AFTER most other addons, giving it priority over the chat frames(sort of, some addons are going to require they not mess with the chat tabs and I'm not sure the authors of those would appreciate adding in little bits like that in case my addon doesn't work)(Supervillian UI(my first choice of UI and unfortunately the first incompatibility I've found) has an issue where it moves the tabs whenever you click on one of its fake tabs, i'm thinking it would require a significant code change for them and haven't requested it be changed just for me) (this doesn't mean don't use Supervillian UI, quite the opposite in fact, I'd suggest you try it out, just enable Een's to get you colour/channels/etc. then disable Een's again)
- ADDED a warning that should print in chat(just the general chat that I've noticed so far). This warning will print that you haven't saved any data and to run the '/een save' command. This warning prints every time you finish a loading screen, just in case you forgot... :)
- ADDED a warning that should print in chat(just the general chat that I've noticed so far). This warning will print that you haven't saved any colour data and to change a colour and then run '/een save'.This warning prints every time you finish a loading screen, just in case you forgot... :) (also rainbows) (seems this rarely will show :/ apparently the UPDATE_CHAT_COLOR event fires often and even if you didn't do anything?)

- KNOWN ISSUE - some warnings aren't showing properly until the chat windows are 'refreshed' changing the active chat tab and going back seems to do this, but I'm having issues figuring out the best (non-intrusive) way to do this code-wise

- ADDED compatibility for the chatframes to be nested inside other frames(Thanx to ElvUI guys, Darth Predator and Blazeflack)(Thanx coleberhorst for pointing out this wasn't possible before)
- REMOVED the saving of the chatframes info per character, this was for an unimplemented feature and was just wasting space
- FIXED the PLAYER_ENTERED_WORLD event filter so that it actually works :P
- ADDED a reset feature!! entering '/een reset' will now reset the chatframes that have channels or messages assigned so that they dock with the General tab and have its parent frame. This will help if your chatframes disappear as they are most likely just off screen and not invisible. This will NOT remove chatframes, it won't go back to a default (i.e. new character) settings. All other settings(i.e. channels, assigned messages, colours, etc. will be kept)
- ADDED a verbose toggle('/een ver') to show or hide messages from the addon(this is separate from /een msg which toggles messages in pop-up vs printed in chatlog)
- ADDED an info option that will print the instructions and print out the settings(autoload, pop-ups, and verbose)

- "DOH!", always fully test first

- Now grabs channels(General, Trade, etc.) *NOTE* I haven't written anything for channels that have passwords or whatever so please let me know how that works (Thanx Hubot)

- Now with COLOUR! (Thanx to Constie-Norgannon for the idea)

- updated the way the mod handles combat log(it can't be moved/resized ? ), while still allowing for other docked frames

- changed the way the mods handles docked chatframes

- Updated TOC to 6.0.2

- Updated TOC to 5.4

- added 'autoload' and 'msg' toggles to the /een command
- addon now stores a copy of the settings for each character as well as the account-wide set, this allows the addon to always load the per-character set if its there as the chat-cache.txt file doesn't seem to be saving the positions of the chat windows(even tho the other settings are saving there)

- First version, use /een save to save current chat windows and /een load to load the back to the current character

The addon has to be loaded in order for the chat windows that have been moved to stay where you want them. Blizzard only saves the location of the chat windows when a player moves them, not when the addon moves them. This means that if you have windows in different locations on the screen than the default bottom left, then you will need to type '/een load' everytime you log into a character(with the autoload off). Blizzard seems to keep the font, colour, and which windows are created when the addon changes these settings. I have not saved the default settings anywhere so once you load the settings you can't go back to defaults.