Edit Mode Features

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Adds a few features missing from Edit Mode:

  • Snap to grid.
  • UI showing exact coordinates for more precision in moving aligning elements.
  • Link elements so that moving one element also moves the linked element.
  • Selection Dropdown to select a specific element.


Adds a few missing elements to Edit Mode:

  • Durability Doll (Move, Scale, Keep Hidden)
    • Status Tracking Bar (Exp/Honor/Rep/Azerite bars) (Move and Scale)
    • Micro Button and Bags Bar (Move, Scale, Flip Horizontally and/or Vertically)


Adds a few features to existing elements in Edit Mode:

Action Bars:

  • Flip the direction action bars build in horizontal and/or vertical directions.
  • Hide the Button Borders.

Stance Bar:

  • Set an anchor corner that will make changes in the number of stances to grow from/shrink to the anchor point.

Party Frame:

  • Always Keep Hidden.


Known Issues:

  • Entering Edit Mode causes taint that will eventually make the action bars stop working. Reloading after exiting will fix this. A popup will appear when closing Edit Mode to assist in this.
  • Scaling the added elements does not update the positions properly which can cause the element to jump a little distance when using the precision movement tools or exiting edit mode. Updating the position in any method with save the updated position values.