New Features: Display Latency & Channel Spell Ticks!

eCastingBar New Features

The casting bar addon that replaces the default player spellcasting bar with a customizable replacement. This addon has been around since Vanilla WoW, and now it's available for TBC Classic 2.5.1 & Classic WoW 1.13.7.


First of all I'd just like to mention that I am not the original creator of this addon, and for that you can thank Neuro for his old rework, Retloldin for his 8.0.1 work, and all of the past contributors of the project. This wasn't just a simple TOC edit, so if you have any problems feel free to submit any issues.


Unzip and extract eCastingBarClassic-release\eCastingBar into your Addons folder. Putting the eCastingBarClassic-release zip file in your Addons folder will not work.


  • Type /ecb or /ecastingbar to open the config menu.