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#52 By  偶尔不呼吸

Created Feb 12, 2019 Updated Jul 2, 2019

Assigned to  usoltsev

I love this great addon very much. Thanks for your working.


I noticed that it supported Chinese. Anyway, Chinese are used to using “万” and “亿” in shortening numbers.
I was wondering if you can add an option for it. Thanks again!


1. number > 100 000 000, we use "亿"("億" for zhTW).
example: 1000 000 000→10亿

2. number > 10 000, we use "万"("萬" for zhTW).
example: 10 000 000→1000万

Feb 28, 2019



Thank you for response.


You can use them. Just set "Custom format" in "Format of hp" and change "abbreviation".

More details in https://wow.curseforge.com/projects/easy-frames#title-4


I hope this helps.

Edited Feb 28, 2019

Feb 28, 2019

 Thanks for your reply.


I set like this:

"Custom format"

"Value greater than 100 000":%.2f万


Value: 123 456

It displayed “123.46万” on the frames.

However, the correct display is “12.35万”, because "1万"=10 000 and "1亿"=100 000 000 in Chinese.


Here is lines of code from an addon which shortens the numbers for Skada(Written by a Chinese WoWer), I hope it's useful for you.


local function Event(event, handler)
    if _G.event == nil then
        _G.event = CreateFrame("Frame")
        _G.event.handler = {}
        _G.event.OnEvent = function(frame, event, ...)
            for key, handler in pairs(_G.event.handler[event]) do
        _G.event:SetScript("OnEvent", _G.event.OnEvent)
    if _G.event.handler[event] == nil then
        _G.event.handler[event] = {}
    table.insert(_G.event.handler[event], handler)

local function HookFormatNumber()
if Skada == nil then return end
    Skada.FormatNumber = function(self, number)
        if number then
            if number > 100000000 then
                return ("%02.2f亿"):format(number / 100000000)
			elseif number > 100000 then
				return ("%.1f万"):format(number / 10000)
			elseif number > 10000 then
				return ("%.2f万"):format(number / 10000)
				return ("%d"):format(number)

Event("PLAYER_ENTERING_WORLD", function()


Edited Feb 28, 2019

Mar 7, 2019

Now I get it!

Unfortunately you can't do this. At least not in this version.

I'm sorry.

Mar 7, 2019

Lots of my friends(Chinese) love this great addon very much.


We all look forward to this feature.

Edited Mar 7, 2019

Mar 9, 2019

Very nice to hear that :)
I will try to make the setting for the number format for Chinese users in the next version.

Mar 10, 2019

You are so nice!


BTW,There are Player/Target/Focus/Pet Frames in “Easy Frames”. Why not Boss frames? (I want to change the scale of Boss frames.)

Mar 11, 2019

That´´'s actually a great ideia about the boss frames.

Mar 13, 2019

The boss frames are scheduled.

Jun 28, 2019


Version 2.11.0 is released.

You can download it and find the new option in all modules - "Use Chinese numerals format" with custom format HP/MP.


I hope this is what you wanted and it will be useful.


Important! This format work only with "Custom format (自定义格式/自訂格式)" healthbar/mana text format.
To see Chinese characters, don't forget to set the font in the "Font family" section, such as "AR CrystalzcuheiGBK Demibold".


About Chinese numerals format:
By default all formulas use divider (for value eq 1000 and more is 1000, for 1 000 000 and more is 1 000 000, etc).
But with this option divider eq 10 000 and 100 000 000.

The labels remain the same, so the label name is not correct for this setting, but the formulas work correctly.


Important! Use these formulas for Chinese numerals:
Value greater than 1000 -> "%.2f万", and "%.2f萬" for zhTW.
Value greater than 100 000 -> "%.1f万", and "%.1f萬" for zhTW.
Value greater than 1 000 000 -> "%.1f万", and "%.1f萬" for zhTW.
Value greater than 10 000 000 -> "%.0f万", and "%.0f萬" for zhTW.
Value greater than 100 000 000 -> "%.2f亿", and "%.2f億" for zhTW.
Value greater than 1 000 000 000 -> "%.2f亿", and "%.2f億" for zhTW.


Example (value -> result with formulas from the list above):
1200 -> 1200
12000 -> 1.20万
120000 -> 12.0万
1200000 -> 120.0万
12000000 -> 1200万
120000000 -> 1.20亿
1200000000 -> 12.00亿


Option "Use full values of health/mana" doesn't work with option "Use Chinese numerals format".

Jul 2, 2019


I updated to v2.11.0 and set the format as you mentioned,it works very well!

Thank you very much.

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