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Filename easy-frames-2.6.0.zip
Uploaded by usoltsev
Uploaded May 28, 2018
Game Version 7.3.5
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MD5 df733b570bc1e17dbfef63a639966d80
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- Added new options to all frames: Healthbar\Manabar font style. Can be NONE, OUTLINE (default), THICKOUTLINE or MONOCHROME.


- Added new option to general module: Set the manabar texture by force.
The Blizzard UI resets to default manabar texture each time an addon tries to modify it.
With this option, the texture setter will set texture by force.
See issue #28 for more information.


- BugFix Mouseover taint event (#27).
- BugFix Power Bars Reset to Default Texture On Cast (#28).
- BugFix Issue Loading Profile (#30).
- BugFix Call a protected function (#31, #32).