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 If you ever move a lot of things around, this addon is for you!

  • /din [qualifiers] stuff -- dumps stuff in to your bank/guild bank
  • /dout [qualifiers] stuff -- dumps stuff out of your bank/current guild bank tab (and into your inventory)
  • /dumpster - create sets sets of things to dump
  • /dumpster help - bring up expanded help


'stuff' can be a partial name like "recipe" or "of the Champion" (without quotes). To match everything, use a period. Example: "/dout ." will remove everything from your bank.


Guild bank uses a queue system which works around the slow pace of deposting/withdrawing. If the guild bank is closed while the queue is processing, the queue is cancelled. 

Qualifiers can be:

  • a number of stacks (/dout 5 felweed)
  • a tooltip search (/dout /t "made by bob" tiger)
  • a color quality (/dout /green) Color quality can be specified as:
    • 0-6
    • gray/white/green/blue/purple/orange/red
    • poor/common/uncommon/rare/epic/legendary/artifact.
  • a bind status (/dout 3 /green /boe) Bind status can be specified as:
    • boa/boe/bop/bou/bound
    • account,equip,pickup,use,soulbound,notbound
  • Expansions
    • classic / tbc / wotlk / cata / mop / wod / legion / bfa / sl / df / tww / mn / tlt


/dout 3 /epic /boe tiger - dumps out 3 epic BOE items with 'tiger' in the name

/din /green /soulbound . - dumps all uncommon soulbound items into your bank

/dout of the tiger /boe /green /only 2
/din 5 /to MisterTailor /full frostweave cloth
/din /notbound Dark Leather Gloves /t "Made by Bob"

/din /green /boe /legion /to "jabberie-draka" - sends all Legion BoEs to Jabberie on Draka

"/din" also works when attaching items to mail, when trading to other players, and when selling items to vendors.

  • Have 50 stacks of Mana Thistle to vendor? Right-click on a vendor and then "/din mana thistle".
  • Want to trade a bunch of Netherweave cloth to a friend? Open trade and "/din nether".
  • Want to mail a whole bunch of cobalt ore to someone? Open the mailbox, go to the send mail tab, type in the name/subject/text, then hit Escape, then type "/din cobalt ore".
  • This is great for mailing all your green BOEs to a disenchanter: "/din /boe /green"

Several ways to limit the amount of items dumped - make sure there are 5, leave 5 behind, move 5 regardless of how many there are, etc.

Sets can be created that can specify all options, and even include other sets! Then you can do "/din setname" and "/dout setname".

Use Dumpster at the bank, guild bank, mailbox, trade window, or a merchant.