25,378 Downloads Last Updated: Apr 7, 2019 Game Version: 8.1.5

DuffedUI is a minimalistic Interface for PvE and most of the PvP-Content. It provides many plugins like Nameplate-Debuffs, Cooldowntracking (PvE & PvP), a global design and many other things.

Installation & Configuration
Download and extract the archive to your WoW-Directory and login. After login you will see at first the installation-window. Proceed all steps and enjoy your new UI! DuffedUI comes with a own Configpanel. To configure the UI hit ESC and click the button DuffedUI. If you want to config the AddOnSkins (copyright by Azilroka@tukui.org) hit as well ESC and click the button Enhanced Config.

For Bugreports please use the TicketTracker on wowinterface.com, curse.com or make a ticket on GitHub. Bugreports at the comment section will be ignored. Please use comments only for suggestions.


  • /version => Shows the actual version of DuffedUI
  • /reset => Reset the entire UI-Settings to default
  • /install => Begin the installation process of DuffedUI
  • /moveui => Unlock the moving feature

Included AddOns

  • AddOnSkins from Azilroka (Do not update from other source due to changes I had made)
  • Enhanced Config (Do not update from other source due to changes I had made)

Recommended Addons:
DuffedUI Textures
WeakAuras 2
Bugsack & !BugGrabber

Credits for the included AddOnSkins goes to Azilroka And for all help for the UI, code, ideas and support: Tukz, Hydra, Elv, Azilroka, Caith, Ishtara, Hungtar, Tulla, P3lim, Alza, Roth, Tekkub, Shestak, Caellian, Haleth, Nightcracker, Haste, humfras aka Shinizu, Hizuro, Duugu, Phanx, ObbleYeah


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