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This shows some text like "Pyralis: Mark of the Wild" (moveable when holding shift) if you or your group needs a druid buff. You can set a key binding to cast the next missing buff (which only works out of combat).


Open the normal key bindings window and set whatever you want in the Druid Buffs section (alt + mousewheel could be nice). If you want to use the next buff in your own macro instead of using the keybind settings, you can use this: /click DruidBuffsCastBuff

Use /druidbuffs (or open the normal Interface > AddOns tab window and go to Druid Buffs there) to open the options. Each location type (world, instance, battleground, arena) has its own settings.

You can move the text by holding shift and dragging it.

In case you need them, there are shortcuts to toggle a few options for the location type you're in:

/druidbuffs mark <"on"|"off">
/druidbuffs thorns <"on"|"off">
/druidbuffs gift <"on"|"off">
/druidbuffs showtext <"on"|"off">


  • Thorns will only be checked for people on a Thorns list. Use the key bindings to toggle other people and yourself quickly.
  • The text will be hidden in sanctuary areas like Shattrath, but you can still use the keybinding to buff people.
  • The buff priority is: Omen of Clarity, then Mark of the Wild, then Thorns. The target priority is: you, then group members, then pets.