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DruidStats calculates the actual stats you will gain when you equip an item, taking your talents and current shapeshift form into account.

There was an original DruidStats that was created by Thordon on Emerald Dream EU, later (DruidStats continued) maintained by Boynuz (Native on Steamwheedle Cartel EU). However all original code is gone now as far as I know. So DruidStats I is now officially GPL'd :) (as of version 1.0.0, this is why all older files are gone)

If you're interested, these are the original addons:

DruidStats is quite a piece of work, so of course, I accept donations :)


DruidStats now works for... English clients, German clients, French clients, .... etc - try it out!


This mod calculates the actual stats you will gain when you equip an item, taking your talents and current shapeshift form into account. I wrote this mod in order to make it easier to compare items when deciding whether or not to use it.

Not all the benefits that you will gain from an item are listed on its tooltip, only the ones that could be affected by talents (like Heart of the Wild, Survival of the Fittest, or Lunar Guidance) or form (bear gains 25% stamina, and cat gains attack power from agility).

In order to see the stats you gain from an item in a certain form, you must shift into that form and then check the tooltip.

Note that stats listed are as accurate as they can be. Due to the way blizzard rounds stats, the values listed will not always be 100% accurate, for example, Survival of the Fittest increases all stats by up to 3%, an item with 20 stamina will not gain anything from this because blizzard applies the 3% bonus to the total stamina, not on an item to item basis. So equipping an item with 20 sta may or may not increase your stamina enough to benefit, so you could gain 20 sta, or 21 sta. The fairest way I found to approach this was to apply the 3% bonus to the health/AP/crit/etc gained by the item, it wont be 100% accurate, but it will be as accurate as it could be. In any case, the difference between the amount you should gain, and the amount you do gain will not be significant.

The stats are color coded into the following groups:

  • Defensive: Armor, Health, Dodge Chance, Healing per 5 sec while out of combat
  • Offensive: Attack Power, Crit Chance
  • Casting Endurance: Mana, Mana per 5 sec, Mana per 5 sec while casting
  • Casting Strength: Spell Damage, Healing, Spell Crit Chance
  • Theorycraft values: Cat/Bear DPS ("White" Damage only), Avoidance (maybe in the future: Bear Mitigation, Tank Points?)

About theorycraft values

The most annoying thing about those values is that they change depending on what other things you wear, also there are a few problems with equipped items that I could not eliminate because it would cause even more confusion. Here are a few hints so you can safely compare theorycraft values:

  • Equipped items always show the "real" values
  • Unequipped items will show the "real" values when you leave their slot empty
  • When comparing with an unequipped item, the Problem is (e.g for rings) that often I can't know which item you would like to replace this with, so what I do is just acting like you could wear another item on top. What you can do here is:
    • Unequip the item you want to compare and leave its slot empty - now the item values will be correct for comparison
    • Don't take these values too seriously, although they won't be too wrong: my test items showed about 1-5% error, but of course some items will have major errors - like comparing two feral dps weapons with 1000 feral AP and expertise or whatever

Slash Commands

  • /druidstats on : Enabled the showing of stats on tooltips.
  • /druidstats off: Disabled the showing of stats on tooltips.
  • /druidstats fake help : fake your form/talents, forms will overwrite, help shows a list of available keywords.