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Adds text to to the side of the gossip dialogue box when talking to any Dragon racing NPC.

The text details your current Personal best times for Normal, Advanced and Reversed course dragon flying races.

Displays which medal you have achieved for course type and also the cut-off times for the medals you have yet to obtain from each race.

Useful for tracking which course needs improving for the all Bronze/Silver/Gold Race Achievements.

Added Zaralek Caverns, Forbidden Reach and base Dragon Isles zones.

Added Kalimdor Cup races.

Added in-race medal timer.

Added Challenge and Challenge Reverse functionality.

Added Gold Times for all available Challenge and Challenge Reverse races. (no silver times at the moment sorry)

Added Eastern Kingdoms cup race times.

Added all missing Silver times.

Added all Emerald Dream race times.

Added all Outland Cup race times.


Added commands for enabling/disabling the times and also changing the size and position of the timer text.

/drt on - Enables Medal timer
/drt off - Disables Medal timer
/drt text value - Changes text size

/drt pos value,value - Changes Medal timer position from the center of the screen.