Doom Shards

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Uploaded by _ForgeUser19611688
Uploaded Jul 19, 2016
Game Version 7.0.3
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MD5 42639ab83310be7e9df547ad71f7d32c
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Major Changes:
    - Added option for automatic profile switch on spec change (LibDualSpec)
    - Added shard prediction for Destruction's Shadowburn


tag v12
Lleafll <>
2016-07-19 18:34:09 +0200

Tagging as v12


    - Fix calculation of partial tick duration for all spells
    - Fix bug where remaining time of partial Doom ticks wasn't calculated correctly
    - Fix error message which could occur after unlocking display
    - Fix bug which showed all elements after locking
    - Add profile switching on respeccing
    - Add AceDBOptions-3.0
    - Add LibDualSpec-1.0
    - Fix for GetSpecializationInfo() error on login
    - Fix anticipated shards when target dies
    - Fixes for Shadowburn
    - now indicates generation of 2 shards
    - correctly shows duration when refreshing on the same target
    - Implement specializations options
    - Rename Spells.lua to Specs.lua and add SpecsConfig.lua
    - Add Shadowburn tracking
    - Possible fix for permanent flash bug
    - Also remove WeakAuras config