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Uploaded May 7, 2016
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tag v2
lleafll <>
2015-06-18 10:51:00 +0200

Tagging as v2


    - Added method ConspicuousSpirits:SetSound(boolean) to manually enable/disable sound warnings
    - Added option to play warning sound in specific instance types only
    - Fixed WeakAuras Import String 1 (SA Orbs weren't moving)
    - Fixed bug with Complex Display not properly disabling via the options menu
    - Fixed interaction with Masque sometimes not properly skinning buttons with Conspiuous Spirits enabled
    - Bug fixes for new Test Mode
    - Adding Test Mode
    - Fixed upvalue creation in WeakAuras module
    - Added encounter fix for Oregorger (missing death events for Ore Crates)
    - Function wrapped option tables to reduce memory footprint
    - Small changes to chat outputs for debugging
    - Small change to Overkill function for encounter fixes