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tag v1
lleafll <>
2015-06-10 01:09:04 +0200

Tagging as v1


    - Added (temporarily) all possible GUIDs for Siegemaster Mar'tak in the Hellfire Assault encounter
    - Added encounter fix for Kormrok (hitbx size)
    - Added encounter fix for Iron Reaver (hitbox size)
    - Added better debugging methods
    - Fixed typo
    - Added Debugging system: alpha versions will also print to "CS Debug" if it exists
    - Fixed Hellfire Assault encounter fix
    - Made some internal changes to the encounter fixes
    - Added encounter fix for Blackhand (leaving balcony)
    - Small fix for Sound display interaction with hidden GUIDs
    - Modularized encounter fixes
    - Small performance optimizations to the Complex and Sound displays, should also increase performance when running many different displays
    - Small tweak to dynamic travel time correction
    - Added arena unit IDs to the lookup
    - Added encounter fix for Blackhand (Transition P2 -> P3)
    - Improved initial timer sorting
    - Fixed small bug with dynamic flight time correction
    - Added encounter fix for Hellfire High Council (missing death events for Blademaster Jubei'thos' Mirror Images)
    - Improved encounter fix for Gorefiend in case player dies
    - Added encounter fix for Gorefiend's massive hitbox size
    - Fixed SA detection bug introduced in last alpha version
    - Now hiding respective GUIDs instead of completely removing them for: Gorefiend, Kilrogg, Socrethar, Archimonde
    - Added method to hide GUID instead of removing it completely
    - Added encounter fix for Socrethar the Eternal (Crystalline Fel Prison)
    - Restructured Beastlord Darmac encounter fix
    - Changed some debug options for the encounter fixes
    - Added alpha debug options for some encounter fixes
    - Fixed bug in dynamic travel time correction
    - Fixed issue which occured when logging in while in combat
    - Reset dynamic travel time estimation on player movement
    - Added display templates
    - Changed capitalization of file names
    - Small tweaks for dynamic hiding of SAs based on range
    - New feature: now dynamically hides Shadowy Apparitions whose targets are further than 100 yards away (and also re-shows them if the target moves into range again)
    Signed-off-by: lleafll <>
    - Added some new items for the range check; replaced Ruby Acorn (5 yards)
    Signed-off-by: lleafll <>
    - Small options GUI changes
    - Expanded Archimonde encounter fix (entering/leaving Twisting Nether)
    - Added encounter fix for Socrethar
    - Aggressive caching now also checks UNIT_TARGET and UPDATE_MOUSEOVER_UNIT
    - Improved performance when running out-of-combat calculation
    - Fixed small visual error when toggling "Out-of-Combat Calculation" option
    - Added encounter fix for Archimonde (Doomfire Spirits)
    - Fixed bug with the orb cap coloring
    - Added option to the Complex display for changing threshold when text switches to show a decimal place
    - added option to the Complex display for changing text color when using a cached value
    - small change to the Beastlord encounter fix
    - Visual updates
    - Reverted changes to the behavior of the drag frame texture
    - Added localization to the .toc file
    - Fixed a bug with the timed clean-up of Shadowy Apparitions which didn't hit
    - Encounter fix for Beastlord Darmac now checks for overkill on spears since there isn't always a death event for the spears
    - Changed way how texture which shows when frames are unlocked is build to include all child frames
    - Lowered time for dynamic recalculation to 0.1s
    - Revert "Now again using timestamp from COMBAT_LOG_EVENT_UNFILTERED for caching"
    This reverts commit 437c86f4287ed30a83ee6f6fd75b78094b524785.
    - Now again using timestamp from COMBAT_LOG_EVENT_UNFILTERED for caching
    - Fixed bugs intrdouced with modularization
    - Restructuring Configurations: will result in resetting some options, sorry for that!
    - Added German ToC note
    - Code cleanup
    - Adding lock/unlock and toggle as chat commands to unlock frames
    - Modularized displays: it's now possible to have more than one display active, also addition of new displays should be easier
    - Made encounter fixes into a module
    - Code cleanup
    - Mobs now also get removed on PARTY_KILL (should help with Beastlord a bit)
    - Updating WeakAuras strings, fixing critical bug with WeakAuras interface
    - Changed name of global variable for WeakAuras (for the last time)
    - Small improvements to options GUID
    - Small options GUI improvement
    - Added option to change color of all orbs when reaching 5 orbs
    - Minor string changes
    - Added right click for frame lock and mouse wheel for fine adjustment when frame is unlocked
    - SA indicators now show when frame is unlocked if offset ~= 0
    Fix for SA indicators
    - Added offset option for SA indicators
    - Complex Display: improved update frequency with varying scale
    - Fixed frame strata issues with the Complex display's text
    Fixed errors when changing options in-fight
    - Added encounter fix for Kil'rogg
    - Added encounter fix for Gorefiend
    - Fixed initialization bug
    - Fixed Complex Mode update frequency
    - Fixed interface version
    - Added "Anticipated Orbs" option to the Complex Display
    - Code fixes
    - Integrated Integrated Display into Complex Display
    - Fixed addon initialization
    - rename some files
    - Cleaning up after merge
    - Split config.lua
    - Improved Integrated Display
    Allow discretization of update timer dependant on display
    - Further modularized displays
    - Improved counter update visuals
    - Fixed bugs caused by modularization
    - Started work on new integrated display
    - Started work on new integrated display
    - Code cleanup
    - Modularized displays
    - Fixed Hellfire Assault encounter fix
    - Fixed update bug
    - Adding gitignore
    - Added encounter fix for Hellfire Assault
    Upvalues cleanup
    - Fixed bug when changing options while infight
    - updating english locale
    - fixed WeakAuras documentation string
    fixed display initialization
    - Added WeakAuras interface documentation and additional example string
    - Improvements for string offsets
    - now clearing SATimeCorrection table on PLAYER_STARTED_MOVING
    - width and height options now change label when changing orientation in Complex mode
    - code cleanup, added texture border color option
    - code cleanup, fixed bug when switching to AS
    - memory optimization
    - Added texture options for the Complex and Simple display
    - Implemented an option to keep calculating out-of-combat
    - Adding keywords for Curseforge substitution
    - cleaned up options GUI
    added sound interval option
    - Added new layout options for the Complex display
    - Added font color options
    - Bugfix for Flamebender fix
    - Added fix for mind-controlled targets in the Blast Furnace encounter
    - code cleanup
    - Added more font options
    - updated localization
    - Implemented Aggressive Caching bug fix for dynamic correction
    - Implemented Aggressive Caching
    - Replaced the "Show out of combat" option with a contional based one Added options to set fonts Added options to offset the Complex display's text
    - Further improving SA travel time estimation
    - Fixed critical bug which occasionally prevented counters from showing
    - added dynamic SA timer correction
    - readding Weakauras string
    - further tweaking of travel time estimation
    - locale fix
    - fix for Korean translation
    - added Korean localization (thanks yuk6196)
    - added fix for Beastlord improved SA travel time calculation
    - Added encounter fixes for Hans'gar and Franzok, Flamebender, and Iron Maidens
    - bug fixes
    - removing unnecessary code
    - removed targets changed and mouveover events because of possible bugs
    - code cleanup
    - localization cleanup
    - bug fix
    - code cleanup
    - slash commands now open directly to the options menu
    - optimizations
    - fixing issue with occasional wrong ordering of SA timers due to the resulting code changes mean that the older WeakAuras example will no longer work updating WeakAuras string
    - additions to localization
    - adding German localization
    - added selection for sound playing when about to cap orbs
    - config slash command now opens to its own movable options frame
    - fixed bug when hiding orbs ooc while frame is unlocked
    - improvements to options behavior
    - toc changes
    - fixed bug with orbs sometimes not resetting
    - renaming some options
    - version change
    - fleshed out options
    - updated WeakAuras string
    - disallow unlocking in WeakAuras mode