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Uploaded May 7, 2016
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tag beta37
lleafll <>
2015-06-05 08:28:17 +0200

Tagging as beta37


    - Added (temporarily) all possible GUIDs for Siegemaster Mar'tak in the Hellfire Assault encounter
    - Added encounter fix for Kormrok (hitbx size)
    - Added encounter fix for Iron Reaver (hitbox size)
    - Added better debugging methods
    - Fixed typo
    - Added Debugging system: alpha versions will also print to "CS Debug" if it exists
    - Fixed Hellfire Assault encounter fix
    - Made some internal changes to the encounter fixes
    - Added encounter fix for Blackhand (leaving balcony)
    - Small fix for Sound display interaction with hidden GUIDs
    - Modularized encounter fixes
    - Small performance optimizations to the Complex and Sound displays, should also increase performance when running many different displays
    - Small tweak to dynamic travel time correction
    - Added arena unit IDs to the lookup