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Uploaded May 7, 2016
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tag beta35
lleafll <>
2015-05-31 03:22:12 +0200

Tagging as beta35


    - Fixed small bug with dynamic flight time correction
    - Added encounter fix for Hellfire High Council (missing death events for Blademaster Jubei'thos' Mirror Images)
    - Improved encounter fix for Gorefiend in case player dies
    - Added encounter fix for Gorefiend's massive hitbox size
    - Fixed SA detection bug introduced in last alpha version
    - Now hiding respective GUIDs instead of completely removing them for: Gorefiend, Kilrogg, Socrethar, Archimonde
    - Added method to hide GUID instead of removing it completely
    - Added encounter fix for Socrethar the Eternal (Crystalline Fel Prison)
    - Restructured Beastlord Darmac encounter fix
    - Changed some debug options for the encounter fixes
    - Added alpha debug options for some encounter fixes
    - Fixed bug in dynamic travel time correction
    - Fixed issue which occured when logging in while in combat
    - Reset dynamic travel time estimation on player movement
    - Added display templates
    - Changed capitalization of file names
    - Small tweaks for dynamic hiding of SAs based on range
    - New feature: now dynamically hides Shadowy Apparitions whose targets are further than 100 yards away (and also re-shows them if the target moves into range again)
    Signed-off-by: lleafll <>
    - Added some new items for the range check; replaced Ruby Acorn (5 yards)
    Signed-off-by: lleafll <>