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Uploaded by exuperjun
Uploaded Jul 24, 2017
Game Version 7.2.5
Size 24.77 KB
Downloads 2,997
MD5 a43071826210f6188fb989acb3cf4c1f
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- the addon now has two modes, based on Magical or Physical damage, each with their own set of defaults, the mode will switch automatically depending on the player's spec
- configuration is now per-character instead of account-wide
- text alignment of the aura name is now configurable via the options panel (defaults to left justified)
- added Paralysis and Polymorph to default list

- updated interface version for 7.2

- fixed a regression introduced in v1.3.7 that prevented the addon from functioning for players who hadn't used a previous version or had cleared their WoW cache

- added Nether Ward, Shield of Vengeance, Blessing of Spellwarding, Guardian of the Forgotten Queen, Netherwalk, Imprison, and Temporal Shield to default buff list

- added Aspect of the Turtle to default buff list
- adding a new aura to the default list will now enable that aura for players upgrading from a previous version of DontCast
- adjusted cooldown text size
- updated interface version for 7.1

- updated interface version for 7.0
- made cooldown text slightly smaller

- updated interface version for 6.2

- updated interface version for 6.1

- use NoTaintUIDropDownMenu library (this resolves an issue where some players were unable to queue for battlegrounds due to taint errors)
- fixed bug where opening the font dropdown wouldn't show the last selected entry

- populate default auras using SpellID so non-US clients will use the localized aura names
- use localized versions of Smoke Bomb and Touch of Karma in validity checks
- reduced potential frame name conflicts with other addons
- fixed bug where opening the sound select dropdowns wouldn't show the last selected entry

- resolved bug where options UI didn't show correct threshold value if set via command line

- integrated with addon options UI
- added option to change font
- added (optional) sounds on aura up/down
- fixed a bug where `/dontcast center` would have no effect

- addon is now resizable via `/dontcast show`

- updated interface version for 6.0

- use left or right click to move
- use "center" instead of "reset" to center addon
- changed non-error text color
- fixed function scope to avoid conflict with other addons

- added Dispersion to default buff list
- corrected Smoke Bomb logic
- fixed bug where Touch of Karma could still show on a debuffed recipient

- threshold for changing color of countdown text is now customizable
- display Smoke Bomb only when player not within the area of effect
- fixed bug where Smoke Bomb would display an incorrect duration
- only display Touch of Karma for the buffed Monk (not a debuffed recipient)

- added Touch of Karma and Diffuse Magic to default buff list
- cooldown text color in red when less than 1.5 seconds remaining

- added text counting down time remaining
- fixed bug preventing debuffs triggering warning

- added commands for player to add and remove buffs/debuffs
- added command to display current triggers
- added command to reset to default triggers

- fixed bug causing premature clearing of some warnings

- warning triggers only when player's current target is an enemy
- warning clears if player dies while warning is active

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