Dominos is an add-on that replaces your main bar with movable parts that offer additional customization. Dominos is used primarily for its action bars, which feature:

  • Customizable layout settings (spacing, vertical bars, opacity, scale, etc)
  • Customizable action bar paging (so that you can change what your bars do when shapeshifted, etc.)
  • Customizable visibility (so that you can make bars transparent, or show up only when in combat, etc.)
  • Masque support for button styling, with individual settings per bar
  • LibKeyBound is implemented for quickly binding keys
  • Any other addon that works on Blizzard UI for action buttons should also work with Dominos, too. This includes things like tullaRange, LiteButtonAuras, and OmniCC


General Settings

The main options menu in Dominos can be found by either right clicking the mini map icon or via the /dominos slash command. On the main options menu, you will find sections for configuring shared bar settings and profiles.

Moving Stuff Around

To move around or hide bars, you will want to enter configuration mode. You can do this by either one of the following ways

  • Left clicking the mini map button
  • Clicking Configure Bars... from the main options menu (accessible from /dominos)
  • Using the slash command /dominos config
  • Once in configuration mode, you can drag around bars using your mouse

Customizing Individual Bars

Most per bar settings can be found in context menus. To access these settings, right click or alt left click the bar in configuration mode.

Binding Keys

Dominos implements support for LibKeyBound for quickly binding keys. Quick Binding mode can be entered by either the standard KeyBound shortcut /kb or by clicking the Bind Keys... button in the main options menu.

Slash Commands

Dominos provides a large set of slash commands for usage in macros and bulk adjustments. The complete set of slash commands can be found on the wiki


Dominos is an open source addon and is developed on GitHub. Contributions are welcome.