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Dominos Changelog


  • Fixed some more errors with the mirror timers
  • Implemented an alternative way to hide the keyring button


  • Fix an error when any of the mirror timers end
  • Added an option to the cast bar to hide the spark/gradient texture


  • Fixed a bug causing the vehicle button to not show up when it should
  • Fixed an issue causing the castbar to sometimes get stuck on screen
  • Added contextual color option to the castbar for help/harm coloring


  • Fixed a bug causing bars with a 0 opacity show state to no longer display cds
  • Fixed a bug preventing the options menu from loading in when it should
  • Dominos_Config should now load in a bit closer to when its actually needed
  • Slightly increased the frame level of Dominos bars for addon compatibility


  • Linked bars now inherit fade delay and duration settings


  • Add a new option to toggle the latency bar display on the cast bar
  • The latency padding option now defaults to your spell queue window


  • Fix castbar directions and hopefully reduced jitter


  • Fix an error on upgrade.

8.3.2 - The "Jayrgo did a bunch of neat things" update

  • Dominos Cast now supports the mirror bars, which display out of breath, exhaustion, etc (thanks to Jayrgo)
  • Opacity and fade settings have been broken up in to their own menu section, with additional options for controlling fade duration (thanks to Jayrgo)
  • Dominos now features a new look for its main options menu, and now uses a standard interface for switching profiles.
  • Right click menu sections are now listed vertically on the left side to accomidate more options
  • Update the default position of the zone ability bar to be more like the position in the stock UI
  • Adjusted the show states for the pet bar in classic
  • Fixed an issue causing reagent counts to not show for macros in classic (thanks to Jayrgo)
  • Other minor internal improvements


  • Add zone ability bar (shows on the right by default)
  • Adjust the PlayerPowerBarAlt repositioning bits to try and prevent the stock UI from continuing to take it over
  • Adjust the encounter bar cooldown region to remove gaps


  • Update TOCs for 8.3.0


  • Fix issue with packager


  • Fix bag slot ordering


  • Add Shadowburn reagent count
  • Fix an issue that would sometimes prevent action counts from being set


  • Classic: Abilities that require reagents should now show how many times you can currently cast the ability
  • Classic: Moved the keyring icon to the left side of the bag bar
  • Replaced the One Bag option with a Show Bag Slots option. If you want to only display the backpack, you'll need to uncheck both the Show Keyring and the Show Bag Slots options.


  • Fix display settings for keyring not persisting


  • Update TOCs for 1.13.3
  • Add keyring support to the bag bar
  • Add the ability to control click the backpack button to toggle the key ring


  • Updated TOCs for 8.2.5


  • Now using the Dominos icon in both retail and classic
  • Added the ability to disable Dominos modules on a per profile basis via Dominos.db.profile.modules.ModuleName = false
  • Misc internal changes


  • Fix an error when channeling spells


  • Yet more progress bar bugfixes
  • Fix an issue that would cause empty slots to not reappear after switching profiles


  • Added a new option Show Count Text - toggles showing item/reagent counts on action buttons
  • Updated the artifact bar display to prioritize the azerite bar


  • Added a workaround for cases where the progress bar mode update updated failed
  • Added druid travel form paging options
  • Set statehidden = true on all Blizzard action buttons by default
  • Classic - Added counts to action buttons for abilities that consume reagents


  • Add a new progress bar mode setting: Skip Inactive modes. Enabling this skip any inactive progress bar mode when you click a progress bar to switch the next mode


  • Revert one bar mode being the default setting for the progress bar.


  • Fix an issue preventing the main options panel for the progress bar from loading


  • Fix an issue causing druid form states to not work properly if the player has a bar set for Moonkin form without having the form


  • Skipped version 8.2.19
  • Added a Theme Action Buttons toggle to the main interface window to enable/disable the Dominos look for action buttons
  • Added support for the next version of Masque


  • Fix a db migration error for completely new profiles


  • Add migration bits for the config change introduced in 8.2.16


  • Fixed cases where the progress bar would appear blank


  • Automated release


  • Hide the bag buttons a bit better in one bag mode
  • Add latency to the minimap button tooltip when running on classic realms


  • Made progress bar modes a per character setting
  • Update libraries


  • Fix latency frame still appearing in classic


  • Fixed menu bar ordering issues
  • You can now type in values beyond the normal limits for the spacing and padding sliders. You can also increment beyond limits via holding a modifier key and using the mouse wheel on a slider
  • The progress bar will only now switch between active modes on click


  • Added a workaround to handle adding appropriate spacing to container frames/quest log when both right bars are checked and not set to be stacked vertically in Blizzard's option menu.


  • Rewrote the code for hiding the various bits of Blizzard's UI to handle both the changes in 8.2 around restricted frames and the differences between classic and retail.


  • Apply a quick fix for the save bindings error
  • Fix an error upon load for the multiactionbars


  • WoW 8.2 Release
  • Fix some druid forms and shadow form for classic


  • Fix shadowdance check


  • Fix a typo in the addon TOC * Hide addon options that are not relevant to classic


  • Fix a redbox error on exiting combat


  • Fix multiactionbar fixer error on classic


  • Use Dominos:IsBuild("classic") for tests. * Add stance bar for paladins


  • Allow exit vehicle button to load


  • Initial release for classic

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