Execute Range

Last Updated: Jul 26, 2015 Game Version: 6.2.0


Jan 20, 2013

Owner: Akira2009


When I switched to Assasination I was baffled that Blizzards UI did not show a button glow for Dispatch when the target is below 35 percent health. So I decided to make my own flasher. It started for assasination only but now supports more classes.

Classes - Spells Supported

  • Rogue - Dispatch
  • Warlock - Shadowburn
  • Priest - Shadow Word:Death
  • Monk - Touch of Death
  • Death Knight - Soul Reaper (not realy an execute but whatever)
  • Warrior - Execute (duh!!)


A simple addon that makes an "execute" button glow when the target is below a certain percentage of health, with an optional spell alert.

Supports: Bartender4, Blizzard Default UI


/exrange help -- This info	
/exrange status -- Current status of the addon	
/exrange sa on -- Turns spell alerts visual on
/exrange sa off -- Turns spell alerts visual off
/exrange enable -- Enables the addon
/exrange disable -- Disables the addon

TODO List (No ETA, Sorry)

  • Add Hunter - Kill Shot
  • Add Paladin - Hammer of Wrath (also with avenging wrath)
  • Add UI Menu (this will take a long time)
  • Make the alerts configurable (position, texture, alpha etc - this will take a long time)
  • Fix a bug with TidyBar addon (thanks to wannazonda for reporting)


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