Dismounter TBC

47,076 Downloads Last Updated: Sep 16, 2021 Game Version: 2.5.2  


The original Dismounter addon has not been updated in two years, therefore I forked the repository and updated to TOC to the TBC classic client. I will try and keep this updated, you're welcome to help! 


Dismounter TBC is a simple addon that will automatically dismounts you when you perform an action that needs you to be dismounted. It will also remove ghost wolf when an error occurs and while you're not in combat. This version is designed to work with World of Warcraft TBC Classic, for the version that works with World of Warcraft classic, follow the link at the start of this description.

How it works

When you cast an action that requires you to dismount the addon will automatically dismount you. In the case that this action is a spell cast, you'll have to cast the spell again after automatically being dismounted. 

Dismounter TBC will dismount you in the following scenarios:

- Attacking while mounting (auto attack, melee spell, caster spell);

- Casting a spell such as Stealth;

- Picking herbs or ores;

- Talking to the flight master;

- Crafting a profession item. 

It will also remove ghost wolf form when on error and not while in combat. 

Contributing or asking questions

Please use the linked GitHub page for contributions, suggestions and questions. I will get notified when something happens on the GitHub page and will try and get back to you as soon as possible.