Dingy Iron Coins Calculator

2,081 Downloads Last Updated: Dec 31, 2015 Game Version: 6.2.3

Dingy Iron Coins Calculator:

This add-on shows you:
- The value of the converted Dingy Iron Coins (Curency)/Max you may have
- The item value you have Pick Poked from Draenor humanoids, in Dingy Iron Coins before Fenced
- The amount you need to collect yet to go for Max or to complete one of the 2 Quests
- Use the 'Secretive Whistle' Button in the Dingy Iron Coins Frame to call Griftah
- Shows on item tooltip in bag or bank the worth per item and total value you earn by turn in.(sins v1.1 b040)
- When item is a 'Pickpocketing' item and is not in my list then it will show up in the tooltips (sins v1.1 b045)

The 'Secretive Whistle' Button:
http://legacy.curseforge.com/media/images/86/958/Secretive_Whistle-Enabled.jpg You have the 'Secretive Whistle' item in your bag and you can use this to call Griftah,
http://legacy.curseforge.com/media/images/86/959/Secretive_Whistle-Disabled.jpg You have the 'Secretive Whistle' item, but its on your bank. Get it to your bag and you can use it.
When you see a timer with the red background, then you have (recently) used the item, and then you need to wait till its as picture 1 above
http://legacy.curseforge.com/media/images/86/960/Secretive_Whistle-Deleted.jpg You have deleted (maybe perhaps) the item 'Secretive Whistle'. Go pick pocked a humanoid in Dreanor agian, and then you have it back.

This add-on will showed and works only when playing a Rogue
This add-on will only show up when you ever earned a Dingy Iron Coin

Be-aware: (changed sins v1.1b035)
When this add-on shows the first time, the frame is not locked, you must move it to an other, for you, good
location on the screen. Whenever you logout the position will save, and the next time you login (or after
an reload) the frame will automatic in Locked Mode. Use '/dicc unlock' to unlock and move the frame.

Dingy Iron Coins Calculator commands: (Chat,Frame and Minimap Button)
read /dicc commands
(some commands being added and or removed or changed sins v1.1 b040)

Dingy Iron Coins Calculator Keyboard/Mouse Control: (removed)
Ctrl + Right Mouse Button : Hides the frame. Use '/dicc show' to unhidden it.
(read change log for more details)

When you use only '/dicc' the info screen will popup on page 3, to let you see what items you already have
collect, with pictures, name and the amount you have collected, and the total value of it in Ding Iron Coins
This add-on counts the items in your Bag and on you Bank (only thous that are in the Item list of the add-on)

For more information about and howto's for Dingy Iron Coins see:
or by video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1pU-r_jce4U

Known Issues:
- No Issues yet.
(all known issues will be fixed as soon as possible in the next version)


Kindly Regards
Earthen Ring (EU)


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