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Uploaded Oct 11, 2022
Game Version 9.2.5  
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Supported WoW Retail Versions


- [Retail] Update DRList-1.0 lib.

- [Retail] Updates for Dragonflight Beta, thanks to @jquick.

- [Wrath] Add Wotlk PTR/beta support.

- [All] Hotfix for packager deploy error.

- [BCC] Remove deprecated invalid categories shown in options panel.
- [All] Fixes for party frame anchoring. Anchor caching is now removed for party which should hopefully fix annoying race conditions.
- [All] Update DRList-1.0 lib.

- [All] Add anchor support for Gladius (#25, thanks SweepyBoop)
- [All] Fix bug in raid/party frame anchoring sometimes causing party DR icons to be invisible until /reload.
  The Blizzard option "Use Compact Party Frames" and Diminish option "Anchor to UIParent" can further
  be tweaked to support third party raid frame addons if needed.

- [All] Update DRList-1.0 library to correct tag, fixes Consecutive Concussion stun DR.

- [Retail] Bump toc version.
- [Retail] Add Consecutive Concussion stun.
- [BCC] Fix random stuns not being tracked in PvE mode.
- [All] Add option for cooldown swipe edge effect. (Default off, recommended on when not using countdown text).

- [All] Bump toc versions.
- Update DRList-1.0 library.

- Update DRList-1.0 library.

- [BCC] Hopefully fix spellIDs for Riposte disarm.

- Update DRList-1.0 library.
- [BCC] engineering bombs are now considered incapacitate instead of stun.
- [BCC+Classic] remove Inferno Effect and some unused spellIDs.
- [BCC] add tracking for Stoneclaw Stun, Stormherald/Deep Thunder stun proc, Turn Evil, Entrapment.
- [BCC] move Hibernate into Incapacitate category & mark 'sleep' category as deprecated.
- [BCC] Add new category 'chastise' & move Counterattack from root into its own new category.
- [BCC] merge Scatter Shot & Dragon's Breath into new category 'scatter'.

- [All] Bump toc versions.

- [All] Bump toc versions.
- [All] Update DRList-1.0 lib.
- [Retail] Fix for testmode Lua errors on latest retail patch.

- [TBC] Fix sometimes not displaying red indicator color in tbc.

- [TBC] Update for latest patch.
- [All] Add option for setting category text max new lines until abbreviation.

- [TBC] Fix some ranks of Intercept not being tracked.
- [Retail] Add Spider Venom & Steelclaw Trap DRs.
- [All] Change to better anchor for Xperl focus frame.
- [All] DR category label text will now wrap to a new line instead of truncating text when possible.

- Fix Polymorph Rank 4 not being tracked in TBC against players.

- Fix stuns/kidney not being tracked for Classic in PvE.

- Fix typo giving incorrect addon version on tbc.

- Fix PvE stun DR not being tracked on classic.

- Add back arena unitframe tracking for TBC now that the default Blizzard arena frames are included again.
- DR spell data improvements for TBC.

- Bump classic toc version for patch 1.13.7.

- Add support for The Burning Crusade. Note that this is still work in progress, so DR data might not be fully accurate.
  Also options are not fully working yet due to a bug on Blizzard's end.

- Fix test mode conflicts with newest ElvUI.
- Add option to change DR category label font size.

- Fix old DR data being used if an old version of DRList-1.0 library is loaded before Diminish.
- Add option to attach player frame DR icons to your own nameplate (personal resource display).

- [Retail] Add missing stuns: Wild Hunt's Charge, Wake of Ashes, Sparkling Driftglobe Core.
- [Retail] Add missing roots: Clash, Surge of Power

- [Retail] Add DR timers for incapacitates & disorient on special/elite mobs. Seems like they DR now.
- Changed DR timer on mobs from 18.5 to 23 seconds as it seems to last longer for NPCs. Player timers are still always 18s.
  Let me know if there's any more inconsistencies with tracking and I'll try to fix it asap. I no longer play retail so its hard for me to check everything.

- Move Absolute Zero from root to stun category.

- Add Howl of Terror disorient (retail).

- Add Absolute Zero root.
- Add new spellIDs for Intimidating Shout.

- Add Agent of Chaos disorient.

- Bump toc version.

- Fix Lua error when moving frames after patch 9.0.1.
- Fix localizations not being included for DR categories.

- Update for Shadowlands. Please let me know if any spells are missing and I'll add them asap.
- Fix anchor labels not displaying unit id for russian clients.

- Fix nameplate DRs not hiding properly when using ThreatPlates.
- Bump toc version for Classic patch 1.13.5.

- Enable in zone checkbox for Dungeons & Raids has now been seperated into two checkboxes so it's now possible to enable the addon
  in dungeons but not raids and vice versa if needed.

- Fix lua errors for Diminish_Options introduced in v2.2.8.

- Bump toc version for Classic patch 1.13.4.
- Library updates.

- Fix dropdown menus not working after patch 8.3.0. (Retail)

- Update toc version for patch 8.3.0 (Retail)

- Update toc version for patch 1.13.3

- A warning message now pops up if you use the Classic version of Diminish on a Retail client or vice versa.
- Fix pet crowd controls not being tracked in Classic.

- Hotfix for target DR tracking being default disabled for fresh installs after using v2.2.2.

- Fixes for DR categories. Let me know if there's still any incorrect spells.
- Disable arena and focus options for Classic.
- Fix some crowd control spells casted by NPCs showing DR timer on player in Classic.

- Updated to work with Classic. (Work in progress, might be bugs and incorrect DR categories, let me know, it helps a lot.)
  Note that in Classic, Diminish will only start the DR timer when the CC ends, not on CC applied.
  Also make sure you start from a fresh config, do not copy your old retail Diminish settings file.
- Enabled Categories section in the options panel is now a scrollable area.

- Update for patch 8.2.5. Let me know if there's any bugs and I'll fix it asap.
- Removed use familiar textures option. You can manually change texture instead by right clicking a checkbox under "Enabled Categories".
- Diminish now uses DRList-1.0 library for diminishing returns spell data, as a side effect your
  enabled DR categories settings may reset when there are localization updates. (rare & only for non english clients.)

- Fix incorrect spellID for Lightning Lasso.

- Fix incorrect DR category for Hibernate.
- Patch 8.2 broke drag-to-move positioning for DR icons on nameplates, so there's now two sliders in the options panel
to manually set XY coordinates instead.

- Taunt DR is now only shown for special mobs. (Elites, rares & quest bosses)
- Add nameplate tracking for ElvUI v11. Old versions will no longer be supported.
- Minor memory improvements when tracking DRs outdoors for a long period of time (non-instanced zones).

- Fix Seduction not being tracked when Grimoire of Sacrifice is used.
- Removed some obsolete spells.
- Add Final Stand to taunt DR.
- Fix Lua error on addon first time loaded.

- Root DR is now trackable for elites and special mobs. (PvE mode)
- Add Haymaker (racial) for stun tracking.
- Add Metamorphosis for stun tracking. (PvE only)
- Fix Deathchill root not being tracked when triggered by Remorseless Winter.
- Fix bad anchoring for nameplate icons when using ElvUI nameplates.
- Minor code cleanup. (Thanks to Wetxius for help cleaning up the DR spell list!)

- Minor changes to options text.
- Added some missing german translations. (Thanks pas06 and Sorno!)
- Add sArena 3.0.0+ frame support.

- Add Dead of Winter stun.
- Add CompactRaidGroup1MemberX frame support.
- Bump toc for patch 8.1.

- Fix Mind Control not updating DR timer when aura ends.
- Fix party frame anchoring bug for ElvUI when "player" (self) is shown in party frames.
- Fix DR icons anchoring to personal resource display if nameplate tracking is enabled. (Might add option for it later)

- Add global frame names for the DR icons to support some addons. ("DiminishIcon1", "DiminishIcon2", etc)
- Improved icon design when using Indicator Text.

- Countdown size option is no longer global, you can now adjust it for every unitframe separately.
- Add option for changing countdown text outline.
- Removed cooldown finish effect animation. Icons now disappear immediately when the CD is over.
- Increased font size for "Display DR Category Label" text when using a low UI scale setting.
- Fix nameplate's testmode anchoring bugging out if target frame tracking is disabled.
- Fix "Reset Position" giving lua error if Blizzard_ArenaUI is not loaded.
- Fix raid frame anchoring not working if "Keep Groups Together" is checked in blizzard options.
- Fix incorrect party frame anchoring for ElvUI if player is shown in party frames. (untested, requires compact raid frames to be disabled)

- Add Skeletal Hatchling Hex to DR list.
- Increased draw layer for icons.
- Changed some default configuration values. This will affect fresh installs only.
- Borders for "Show Indicators Using Text" mode are now using default Blizzard icon borders.
- Fix timers not being deleted immediately for non-player units on UNIT_DIED event unless they've been targeted twice.

- Fix nameplate tracking not working if target, focus & arena tracking are disabled.
- Fix toggling certain options sometimes not updating icons for nameplate/arena tracking until reload ui.
- Add button for unlocking frames to *all* options pages.

- Add nameplate DR tracking. (default off)
- Add Double Barrel to stun DR.
- Add Frozen Center, Hooked Deep Sea Net to root DR.
- Add Island Expedition consumables to DR list.
- Add new zone option "Scenario". This is for Island Expeditions etc.

- Minor performance optimizations for timers.
- Replaced "Grow Left" option with dropdown for all grow directions.
- Add option to manually select icon used for DR categories.
(Right click DR category checkbox under Enabled Categories to open menu for it.)
- Add zone toggle to enable arena tracking inside BGs. (Arena frames are used there aswell)
- Add German translations, thanks to Pas06.
- Add DR category translations for all locales.
- Add some missing professions spells i.e engineering grenade.

- Fix arena icons not working with Tukui.
- Add option to anchor icons to UIParent (screen).

- Fix minor profile issues.
- Fix Lua error on entering arena if AceAddon is loaded.
- Option "Start Cooldown On Aura Applied" is now renamed to start on aura removed instead and is default disabled. (Simplifies code)

- Profiles are no longer auto created on changing an option on a new character. There's now an option to manually create instead.
- Add option to use/share an existing profile instead of just copying profile variables. Any changes to a shared profile will affect all characters using the profile.
- Fix target/focus tracking not working for arena brawl mode.
- Fix "Show Own Textures Only" option not working when spell is triggered by player pet.
- Minor improvements to options panel.

- Fix Lua error on loading screens when player frame tracking is disabled.
- Fix timers sometimes showing incorrect border color when refreshed on ~1s duration left.
- Fix timers being reset on hunters using Feign Death outside of arenas/battlegrounds.
- Fix target/focus icons on a very rare occassion not updating position correctly.
- Fix deleting profile sometimes not updating dropdown until reloadui.
- Fix copying profile not working if not using Default profile.
- Fix repositioning icons not updating until reloadui after having reset your profile.
- Add new texture to border option. (Same as default, but with glow like in older versions.)
- Renamed colorblind mode to "Show Timers Using Text" also changed look of this mode.
- Minor improvements to options panel.
- Add oUF_Adirelle & Stuf unit frame support. (untested)

- Fix always resetting timers to 18s on target switch. (target/focus timers only)
- Fix sometimes not tracking timers until next loading screen if you toggle an option inside arena.
- Fix timer not updating countdown for OmniCC users.
- Fix options not fully loading if shown in combat.
- Add option to track mobs & player pets.

- Diminish now works for both BfA beta and Legion 7.3.5.
- Add colorblind mode option.
- Add option for changing border styles.
- Removed border glow/blend effect.
- Tracking for PlayerFrame is now default set to enabled.
- Combat log scanning is now enabled outdoors even while not in combat. (Should fix certain CC's like Sap not always being tracked.)
- Add support for oUF, GW2 UI, Pitbull, SpartanUI, gUI4, Discord Unit Frames.
- Fix toggle frames not working with ElvUI.
- Fix Feign Death sometimes removing timers for hunters outside arena.
- Improve CC detection.
- Final beta version!

- Fix border indicators not being shown for some Masque skins.
- Fix bug introduced in previous update that removes active timers on target switched.
- Minor optimizations & improvements.

- Note: Upgrading from an earlier version to this version will wipe all custom settings at first load.
- Increased frame strata for icons.
- Fix profile copy/delete button not updating dropdown after being ran.
- Fix moving party1 anchor not auto moving party2/3.
- Fix changing icon size not working until reload ui.
- Anchor bar for moving icons now have less width due to accuracy issues.
- Memory improvements for timers.

- Add profile options (wip)
- Add correct spell IDs for Shockwave, Stormbolt, Fel Cleave, Hibernate.
- Fix option "Show Own Textures Only" not working.
- Remove player "Attach to Raid Frames" option. It is now shown player timers for both PlayerFrame and raid frame if those are toggled on.
- Fix icons sometimes not disappearing after timer ended.

- Add focus/target/party/self and friendly DR tracking. No longer arena only!
- Add GUI for options.
- Timers are now shown on CC start instead of removal. (May be toggled)
- Timers now have indicator color green->yellow->red instead of none->yellow->red.
- Add Masque support. (You need to run "Test frames" once before options show up for it since all frames are created on demand.)
- Update spell list for BFA. Let me know if any spells are missing or incorrect.

- Add Lightning Lasso to stun DR.

- Bump toc for patch 7.3.0.
- Added new option for icon padding.
- Removed Metamorphosis stun.
- Added warr Disarm.
- Added some missing versions of Entangling Roots.
- Command /diminish now triggers max 3 categories at once per arenaframe.

- Update for patch 7.2 & added some missing spellids.
- Add Disarm category.

- Updated .toc for patch 7.1.
- Added a few more spells for tracking.

- Added more legion spell IDs.
- Spell IDs are now saved in new file Spells.lua instead of Config.lua

- Updated for legion. Some spellIDs may still be missing/incorrect.
- Removed shared tracking of DRs between BM hunter & their pets.
- Performance improvements.

- Options are moved from Diminish.lua to Config.lua.
- Added options for color indicators on countdown text (default off) & borders.
- Added option for reverse grow.
- Removed MAX_UNITS option. 5 is now default.
- Fix cooldown swipe background covering border edges.
- Hopefully fix for DRs not being tracked in certain situations. (i.e when reflected)