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Filename DiabolicUI-r20160712095132.zip
Uploaded by GoldpawTheGreat
Uploaded Jul 12, 2016
Game Version 6.2.4
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MD5 e56b9ced10484a08e65a4cc4498c9a98
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Lars Norberg:
    - update warrior action paging, which seems to have been wrong
    - fixed a typo that caused the UI not to load
    - - restyled and repositioned the ExtraActionButton1 and the Draenor Zone ability button. - added some temporary statusbar texts for the targetframe and player orbs
    - Fixed an issue that would produce a bug if more than one mirrortimer (breath, fatigue, etc) was visible on-screen at once. Also adjusted the coloring to be darker and easier to see.
    - stance (and other) buttons should now properly get a gold border to indicate when they are checked
    - - fixed a problem with the actionbutton overlay glows - moved the mirrortimer (breath, fatigue, feign death etc) slightly downwards, to make room for the upcoming targetframe auras - moved the warning text ("You can't do that yet" etc) slightly down, to not be in the way of the mirror timer or the target frame - slightly lowered the padding between the buttons on the side bars, pet bar and stance bar
    - - added a stance bar...'ish - fixed a bug in the tracker module that would sometimes taint the worldmap's POI buttons if the worldmap was opened during combat. - fixed a bug that would sometimes cause the focus frame powerbar to become stupid long instead of disappearing
    - added MoveAnything's game menu button to our styled game menu
    - - fixed an issue in Legion/WoD where the focus frame wouldn't reposition itself when the pet frame was shown - fixed an issue in Legion where the castbar texture would be pure green, instead of light transparent white
    - - chat should be visible for 15 seconds before fading, up from 5 - added tot and focus unitframes - fixed some issues with the unitframe castbars where they sometime wouldn't update properly - fixed a framelevel issue with the unitframe castbars that would render them above their border - fixed a problem that sometimes would occur with female unitframe portraits
    - - fixed an issue where the chat window module would disable itself if Prat-3.0 was in the addon list, even if it wasn't enabled
    - - added a pet action bar - adjusted how the side bar resizes and moves themselves - made the actionbar menu's backdrop darker, to make it less confusing when shown over an open quest tracker - fixed a bug that would make it impossible to dismiss or rename a pet through its unitframe after a /reload - all unitframe elements (like the portraits) should now be update also when first shown
    - - Removed some debugging output that would appear when clicking on the chat button with the mouse.
    - - Added the XP bar - Changed the shadow on the chat font to match the UIs general light direction - Added some methods to the custom StatusBar object to accomodate the new XP bar
    - Fixed the chat button becoming disabled
    Fixed an issue where the chat button would sometimes become disabled after the input box was automatically hidden in classic style mode.
    - Removed flash animations from chat bubbles
    Removed flash animations from chat bubbles, as this was causing client crashes for some users.
    - Chat module disabled if Prat-3.0 is loaded.
    - "canexitvehicle" macro option doesn't exist before MoP.
    - Settings should now save properly between sessions for all clients.
    - Reverted the build number to recognize Legion to a lower value.
    - text edit
    - fixed the repository folder structure
    - comment changes
    - first
    - Initial commit