Details! Damage Meter

Last Updated: Nov 7, 2018 Game Version: 8.0.1


Jul 10, 2013

Owner: Tercioo

- New Feature: import and export profiles.
- Major improvements on bar text scripts.
- Improved import and export custom skins.
- Fixed shaman's sundering spell not showing in crowd control.
- Fixed sharing guild statistics.
- More spells added to spell consolidation: Whirlwind, Fracture, Mutilate.
- Monk Mistweaver Blackout Kick now has a indicator when it comes from passive 'Teachings of the Monastery'.
- Added slash command '/details debugwindow' for cases when the window isn't shown or are anchored in the wrong place.
- Exposed spell ignore table, you can now add spells to be ignored using Details.SpellsToIgnore [spellID] = true.