Details! Damage Meter

Last Updated: Sep 11, 2018 Game Version: 8.0.1


Jul 10, 2013

Owner: Tercioo

- Details! is ready for Uldir mythic raiding!.
- Details! Scroll Damage for training in dummies is now ready for more tests, access it /details scrolldamage.
- Several improvements on Encounter Details plugin.
- Added a new panel to open the Chart after a mythic dungeon.
- Damage and Healing tooltips now show a statusbar indicating the percent done by the ability.
- Added a scale slider  to the options panel.
- Added monk's Quaking Palm to crowd control spells.
- Fixed an issue with Plater integration.
- Fixed tooltips not hiding when the cursor leaves the spell icon in the Damage Taken by Spell.
- Framework: fixed an issue with tooltips and menus where the division line wasn't hiding properly.
- Framework: fixed some buttons not showing its text in the options panel.