Details!|Skada Covenants

Plugin for Details! and Skada, that show covenant icon near player name.

How it works:

Blizzard don't allow to inspect in which covenant is other players. Only yours own covenant is available in API. So addon track spells casted by your teammates and detect covenant by this spells (both main covenant ability and minor). Thats why covenant icons appears after only few fights.

In version 1.0.0 players with this addon share they covenant by addon messaging. So covenants will be detected immidiatly for players with this addon.

Important for Details!: Its based on nickname feature of Details. You shouldn't disable nicknames, for correct work.

New: From version 1.2.0 you can ignore nicknames from Details. Use command /dc ignore on. This addon still require nickname feature, so this command force turn on nickname feature in Details!, but addon will ignore any nickname returned by this feature. Only add a covenant icon. If you wanna return nicknames in Details! use command /dc ignore off. After that Details! returns to usual behaviour.


You can call help in game /dc or /dcovenants. And also subcommands:

  • icon [number] change size of icons
  • chat [on | off] log a new character's covenant to chat
  • log [all | group] prints all collected data or just for your party/raid
  • align [left | right] change align of covenant icon
  • ignore [on | off] ignore Details! nicknames


In version 1.0.0 you can access all collected data with _G.Oribos:getCovenantIconForPlayer([playerName])