Introducing "DeloCharacterPanel" – your go-to lightweight add-on for enhancing the classic character panel with quality-of-life improvements of the standard Blizzard UI.

It will currently do:
- Item Level Display - Easily view the item level of your gear right next to each item, without needing to hover over them.

Customizable Text Styling - Tailor the font size and color of the text to your preference.



- /Deloilvl - to view version number and current available commands in-game.

- /Deloilvl size 'x' - change the font size

- /Deloilvl color 'color' - change the color 


What will come:

Enchant Visibility - Stay informed about enchants on your gear, providing a overview of your character's enhancements.

- Socket Slots Display - Effortlessly see your empty and socketed slots.


*editor note: if you have any wishes and/or questions, feel free to ask them in the comments!