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Uploaded by MysticalOS
Uploaded Apr 21, 2021
Game Version 9.0.5
Size 3.35 MB
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MD5 cdbe7bbb0e084a637f5c85edad96dcc8
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Deadly Boss Mods Core

9.0.26 (2021-04-22)

Full Changelog Previous Releases

  • fix bad copy paste
  • Fix bug on nine drycode
    Added Dormazain drycode
    bump version
  • Couple fixes
  • Push the preliminary nine mod, which probably will need updates with new builds journal update
  • Update koKR (#571)
  • Icon marks for BW (#570)
  • Another fix
  • Fix
  • Remnant of zerzhul drycode
  • Push the finished Tarragrue and Guardian mods from heroic testing
  • Delete duped env vars in GH workflow (#567)
  • Added KR locale to SoD mod (#568)
  • Fix Castle Nathria title (#566)
  • Quick fix couple errors
  • Fix Sanctum of Domination name (#565)
  • fix the ACTUAL errors
  • Can't believe that'd fail check.
  • Bazaar drycode
  • Optimize infoframe update loop. (#564)
  • fix
  • drycode for guardian
  • Push the Tarragrue drycode
  • comment out too make luacheck happy
  • Chains of domination templating
  • redundancy
  • Hunters have tranq shot, which removed magic. Fixes #562 (#563)
    • Hunters have tranq shot, which removed magic. Fixes #562
  • Sort per-bar (#561)
  • De-bom files (#560)
  • Smarter IsSpellID (#559)
  • de-BOM and make sure all toc consistently use CRLF while at it since they were half unix and have windows
  • improve eruption emote whisper backup with additional detection spellID. I've still never seen the UNIT_TARGET scan fail, but some user reports claimed they didn't get alerts for spell so maybe this will solve problem for them now that backup event is more robust
  • Backport fix (#558)
  • Smarter expansion naming (#553)

    • Smarter expansion naming

    Also remove LDB_CAT_ locales, as they're completely unused (even by pseudo LDB code)

  • Fix Luacheck (#557)
  • Changed client check logic to not flag two clients as valid
  • Fix bar sorting (Force updates on cases we missed) (#552)
  • Register all boss unit IDs on generals, in the super off chance adds somehow steal positoiin 1 or 2 (i've never seen it happen, but doesn't hurt i guess to just scan them all)
  • Adjustments to mortanis
  • Bump alpha

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