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Uploaded by MysticalOS
Uploaded Nov 22, 2019
Game Version 8.2.5
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Deadly Boss Mods Core

8.2.29 (2019-11-22)

Full Changelog

  • Live
    • Fixed heart of frost timer on Jaina Fight, which probably changed a long time ago when they adjusted fight to make killing elemental more disirable than ignoring it, but no one reported it/cared.
    • Fixed a bug on ashvane where some count timers didn't properly cancel on her phase changes
    • Azshara Update to new CLEU events
      • Improved timers for all events that didn't used to be in combat log (but are now). Nether Portal and All 4 add timers particularly
      • This update also finally enables add warnings on normal and LFR difficulty for Devoted, Myrmidon, and Indomitable adds. ALL add warnings will be 2-3 seconds faster (before the CLEU events, they were only detectable on heroic/mythic via a slightly slower event)
  • 8.3 Updates
    • Mythic Wrathion update
    • Mythic Vexiona update
    • Mythic Maut update
    • Some mythic testing tweaks for Prophet and Hivemind
    • N'zoth update from the limited amount of test logs obtained from last week
  • Core Updates
    • KR Update (#88)
    • Fixed bad soundkit IDs for some sounds. Closes #87
    • Fixed energy infoframe to always show percent, not obnoxious numbers, during encounter.
    • Auto Logger Feature Update
      • Re-worked auto logger to support either recording only bosses, or the entire zone via a new checkbox in options.
      • Tweaked defaults a bit so that the default is to record entire zone, but only current content raids (ie nodungeons or trivial content)

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