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Uploaded Nov 6, 2019
Game Version 8.2.5
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Deadly Boss Mods Core

8.2.26 (2019-11-07)

Full Changelog

  • While at it, add Tasty Morsel carrier notice to Shadhar
  • Fixed Volatile Eruption timers on Shadhar
  • Changed fixate yell option to be on by default on Shadhar (since on mythic player can't move)
  • Added presumed mythic spellId for Cursed Blood to Ilgynoth Reborn, timer for it on mythic will likely be wrong, unless it's same as heroic.
  • Added Ny'alotha instance ID to current content filter for auto logger.
  • Pruned the event sounds feature that allowed playing music during beachhead world quests. Another feature which really didn't need to exist and was not really used by many. A project this large that's maintained by only one person needs to stay within it's scope and going forward DBM will do a better job staying within it's scope.
  • Prune the bonus roll filter feature. it is a feature that requires constant maintenance (that I haven't been doing) and varying opinions on what is considered trivial and non trivial. I feel it's in best interest of project maintainability to remove such an underused poorly maintained fluff feature.
  • Carapace of Nzoth drycode
  • Updated Azeroth module with latest info from 8.3
  • Vexiona update from heroic testing.
  • Updated Xanesh and Hivemind from heroic testing
  • Complete Ilgynoth Reborn mod from heroic testing.
  • More ilgynoth fixes
  • Fix some initial bugs with ilgynoth
  • Only show Nullification blast to the tank tanking caster on Hivemind
  • KR Update (Ny'alotha) (#84)
  • hotfix Xanesh with another spellId for void woken
  • Refactored difficulty functions of DBM-Core to allow more precision when needed as well as documented it better.

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