Deadly Boss Mods (DBM)

Last Updated: Dec 14, 2017 Game Version: 7.3.0


Apr 29, 2008

Owner: mysticalos

New Features:


  • Added some additional alert media for users to have more choice in default warning sounds that differ from the old classics.
  • Compatible with patch 7.3.5 (build 25678 and later) Dungeon Journal API changes.


  • Added berserk timer to Mythic Aggramar
  • Added complete timers/warnings to for P1 and P2 Mythic Argus abilities and preliminary P3 mythic timers/ability warnings
  • *Added new option (on by default) to just extend timers on kingaroth when he initializes adds instead of hiding and resuming them. (See Dev Note below)
  • Re-Added Decimation target warnings/yells to Kingaroth since blizzard fixed combat log for events and Removed non target decimation warning
  • Added auto “Dispel Me!” yell if safe distance to dispel when put to sleep to imonar (off by default)
  • Added auto “Dispel Me!” yell if tank spec and stunned by Stasis Traps on bridge to imonar (on by default)

Bug Fixes:


  • Fixed initializing timer on Kingaroth which was off by couple seconds on non LFR difficulty (didn't factor in cast time protocol)
  • Fixed a bug where annihilation timers/warnings still said scrapnal (which wasn't technically invalid since that's explosion effect of it, but was still confusing) on garothi
  • Fixed bug where decimation cd timer still didn't start on garothi
  • Fixed a bug where cannon audio countdown didn't cancel when apoc drive started on Garothi
  • Fixed soulbomb/burst timers in P4 normal/heroic Argus per Dec 12 undocumented blizzard hotfixes that both speed up how soon first ones come and how often they happen (every 40, down from 50) ( ... 7703740416)



  • Changed default media from "Destruction" to "Air Horn" (yes same one that WA2 uses from soundbible) which has been the trusted goto by many raiders for very important special warnings. Don't worry no sound options removed, only added (and default changed). You can change it back or to anything else. It should only reset to new default once.


  • Swing warning on Eonar will now only fire if you're actually targetting/tanking the purifier casting it and changed it from a tank warning to a Melee dps warning since melee dps need to avoid it, not tanks.
  • Grenade target warning on mythic high command now OFF by default since they go out so slowly that it results in 3 warnings instead of one combined warning, and I don't want this kind of spam.
  • The range check on Val will now switch between 8 and 10 depending on whether or not you have embrace, instead of only staying in 8 mode. Remember 8 mode is for making sure people ARE in range and 10 mode is for making sure they are not.

*Dev Note:
Kingaroth's timers never actually reset between phases, ever. They don't start over or have a fixed value after phase transition. His timers literally pause exactly where they are, and resume where they left off after initializing ends. Up until now, DBM knew this, but it'd save how much time was left, hide timers, then when phase ended resume timers with that saved remaining time.
The reason for the new option is sometimes you'd have an ability such as ruiner only had 2 seconds left on CD when he started initializing, resuming that 2 second timer when adds phase end isn't enough time to remind the raid "hey he's gonna ruiner right away". So instead, this new option is extending that 2 second timer to say 44.3 seconds when initializing starts. This will show you right under that 42.3 initializing sequence timer, in 44.3 seconds he's gonna ruiner.
This new option can be turned off if you prefer to hide and resume timers (old behavior).

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