Deadly Boss Mods (DBM) - Wrath of the Lich King mods

Last Updated: Mar 5, 2018 Game Version: 7.3.5


Aug 28, 2012

Owner: Tandanu


*Significant ulduar update, many new warnings, timers, and bugfixes
*Fixed some lua errors on KT as well



Fixed lua error caused by r274 feature



*Disabled some bad whelp timers on Onyxia

*Added a less bad big add timer to Onyxia instead

*Fixed breath (ground) timer on Onyxia



Added a health tracker infoframe that shows anyone in raid who's health is too low to survive a star explosion to Algalon



*Overload warning on Assembly of Iron will now also check your distance from whoever is tanking caster, to try and determine if you are close to cast even if not targeting mob, to better warn you that you're too close.

*Change icons used on yogg brain link and malody on Yogg Saron
*Added icons for shadow beacon on Yogg Saron
*Added infoframe for tracking sanity on yogg for entire raid on Yogg Saron (will require DBM-Core 7.3.24 or higher for it to sort lowest on top instead of highest)
*Fixed bug that caused Beacon pre warning and timer to never work on Yogg Saron
*Fixed double warning on sanity if below 25 on Yogg Saron



Improved KT mod with personal mana bomb warning/yell and special warning for healers to heal blocks. Fixed MC target warning so it's never filtered by DBMs default target filter as well.



Fixed a few bugs caused by refactoring/addition of new features across various mods



Another Naxx update, this time to improve timers and warnings and phase detections for Noth.



Some minor Naxx updates based on P80 streams. More to come



Fixed lua errors on general Vezax and Yogg Saron



Several more Ulduar timer/icon updates
Some new warnings
A little spam cleanup on yogg



Fixed some missed colored bars and bar icons in the bar feature update on Assembly of Iron

Fixed some lua errors on Sindragosa



Voice pack support, syncable variables support, updated code, improved timer colors and icons, other misc fixes for all raid zones.