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Uploaded by MysticalOS
Uploaded Jun 23, 2015
Game Version 6.2.0
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Ra-den update for soloers. Should be a bit more complete for anima phase (something pretty much no one saw when they did fight in mists).

*Ji-Kun mod is now able to recover nest counts via timer recovery if another person in group is also running DBM, that way a mid fight dc won't completely lose track of what nest you are currently on.
*Fixed a bug where sha of anger icon option text was mislinked
*Update for DBM-Core changes that removal per boss speed kill timer options

Code refactoring for an upcoming core update

*Adjusted some Nalak timers
*Changed way icons work on Sha of anger, and made them off by default
*Large antispam pass at throne of thunder. Entire zone should have a much better overall feel and be more in line with how DBM works in Warlords of draenor. Far less warning spam and elimination of redundancy as a whole. More zones will be done over time as time permits, but this is a common zone for soloing so I wanted to nail it down.

*Lowered recombat time after wipes for most world bosses from 20 seconds down to 10. (recombat time is amount of time required to pass before DBM is allowed to trigger combatstart on a boss after a wipe/kill)
*Tweaked some timer defaults on jikun to reduce timer spam.

*Add encounter IDs to world bosses that have them. Doesn’t seem blizz made any for ordos or celestials. This enables BOSS_KILL win detection to work
**Minor sha of fear update because I was bored
*Important variables now sync/recover after mid fight DC (unless of course you were solo)
*dreadSprayCounter will now increase even if disabled, so if it’s enabled mid fight, it’ll still work correctly.
*Fight will now report phase in status whispers to people who message you.
*Fixed trivial difficulty checks on horridon and elegon so certain warnings won't show until the stacks are high enough to be relevant to level 100 players.
*Nalak fix, to prevent range frame from opening up if combat log fires a cloud event after nalak dies but before events unregister

Update for patch 6.1

Required update for compatibility with DBM 6.0.12.
WILL NOT WORK WITH 6.0.11 or older

*Required update for DBM Core 6.0.11
Added special warning to detect Theolen Krastinov spawning
Fixed bug in garrosh and dark shaman were a dead tank would still get warnings to taunt.
Disables MC bars on garrosh if soloing

Removed infoframe from norushen for good. if blizz can't fix this bug after 13 months, it's never getting fixed. DBM Could use the sync approach used by BW but it's simply not worth doing at this point with expansion in 2 weeks.
zhTW Update
Fixed bug with Galakras tower warning/timers on non mythic difficulties.
Various cleanup of unused events in some scenario/party mods.

Fixed typo from r14
Improved garrosh tank warning to no longer spam dead tank to taunt, to be uniform with other mods.

Use GUID as spam filter on norushen for more accuracy.
Fix Thok bug that was causing message explaining why range finder was removed to not be displayed.
Fixed first bouncing bolt timer for 10 man lei shen normal. More tweaks probably needed to ensure it's 100% since it was done based on videos. I never raided that on 10 man, at least not normal.

Really fix Spoils this time. (Transcriptor can be hard to read sometimes on WORLD_STATE_UPDATE args.

Fixed new error from r7
Added Standing in fire warning to garrosh phase 4

Hopefully fix duplicate timers/countdowns on phase 4 garrosh.
Hopefully fix berserk timer spam/bug on Spoils of Pandaria
Parasite count updates for Paragons on Mythic difficulty.

MoP mods updated for 6.0

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