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For longest time, I did not add support or Victory sounds or encounter music because it was already nicely done by a 3rd party addon called DBM-Victory sounds. However, this project seems long abandoned. Additionally, it's high time DBM supported these features built in.


Now that feature is built into DBM, I had to decide how to handle media. I liked how the overwatch and heroes  and voice pack media worked so I continue this trend with Event Sounds feature. Basically, DBM supports event sounds but doesn't include media for it by default. No one wants to download tons sound files every DBM update when none of sound files actually changed.


This Pack:

Collection of music performed by SmoothMcGroove for use with DBM


Just install this with Twitch client, or download and unzip and drop the DBM-SMGEventsPack folder directly into addons folder and DBM-Core version 7.3.24 or higher will be able to detect and add media to Event Sound Options automatically. After that, just configure how you want.


Additional Note:

This particular pack is made possible thanks to SmoothMcGroove, who has authorized use of his media specifically for this DBM feature. All audio is copyright media of SmoothMcGroove and any use or redistribution of this media requires authorization from SmoothMcGroove