Deadly Boss Mods (DBM) - BC & Vanilla/Classic mods

Last Updated: Dec 1, 2017 Game Version: 7.3.0


Nov 17, 2008

Owner: Tandanu

zhTW update


*Bug fixes to Kalecgos mod
*Sunwell update with voice pack support, newer ES/EE engage trigger support, colored bar by type support, more efficient apis, sync-able variables, some antispam cleanup, and a possibly working Kalecgos frame (after many years of being broken)
*BC dungeon update with voice pack support, colored bar by type improvements, sync-able variables, and some antispam cleanup.


*Changed many classic mods to RegisterEventsInCombat since combat detection is more reliable these days and it’s far more efficient
*Fixed quite a few classic mods that use target timers but don’t cancel them if they expire early
*Added audio countdown to teleport on twins in AQ40
*Added personal warning for tank affected by strike and general warning for healers/tanks not affected by it to Twins in AQ40
*Fix silence/poison timer on Princess Huh in AQ40 so it actually shows
*Update All mods in SSC with voice packs, timer improvements and modern code
*Updated Emeriss timers and Yell pull trigger from pull data


*Added Lethon (verified) and Emeriss (drycode)
*Some kazzak timer tweaks/fixes for yell pull


*Fixed some bugs in Lord Kazzak and Azuregos
*Added Ysondre


*Added support for 3 of the 6 classic world bosses (TW versions at least)
*Fixed some regressions in Karazhan and Tempest keep from last update


*Updated Karazhan, TK with improved warnings, timer features, and voice pack support
*Improved timers and voicepack support for Gruul, magtheridon, kazzak, doomwalker, and all of Hyjal
*Fix bug with cast announce on vael breath that caused bad textures in MC
*Nef role call timer will now be clearer it's a fades timer not a cd timer
*Tweaked Gehennas curse timer inline icons to include curse icon in MC
*Add fear timer and voice pack/interrupt warning to 3 bugs based on project 60 streamer results in Aq40
*Improved sting timer on Huhuran based on project 60 streamer results and fixed some spam/timer bugs in Aq40


Updated timers for Lucifron and Geddon to be modern colored by type bars with inline icons, since they somehow got missed in last pass.


*Fixed bad option spell ID on Buru for AQ20
*Updated AQ40 with voice pack support, some new warnings, better option defaults, and improved timer colors/icons, misc bug fixes
*Updated BWL with voice pack support, some new warnings, better option defaults, and improved timer color/icons, misc bug fixes

*AQ20 pass with support for voice packs, improved warnings, improved color bar by type timers, and a couple bug fixes and antispam tweaks
*Update molten core with voice pack support, improved timers with inline icons and color options, few special warning/warning tweaks to reduce spam
*Minor AQ40 pass to enable syncable variables, and eliminate some stuff that isn’t used or is redundant