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This is an addon for rogues and warriors who want to optimize their rotations.


Adds the following info to ability tooltips:

  • Shows the average damage, including attack powder adjustments that are sometimes hidden (e.g. garrote).
  • Shows the damage per rage/energy so you know which abilities are more efficient.
  • For heroic strike and cleave shows estimate of rage lost and factors this into the damage per rage.


You'll finally have definite answers to questions like:

  • After how many targets is thunderclap actually better than cleave?
  • Is a 1 or 2 point eviscerate even a better choice than another sinister strike?
  • How much does heroic strike really suck compared to mortal strike?



  • Does not factor in crit chance, target armor, hit chance etc.
  • Does not factor in talent modifications to abilities, with the exception of cost-reducing talents like improved sinister strike.
  • Currently only supports warrior and rogue. A few abilities are missing.
  • Is not a full-on dps optimiztation addon like the foregone addons DrDamage and Theorycraft. It MIGHT evolve into that eventually.