DailySummonHelper (World Events: Brewfest, Midsummer, Halloween Quests)

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This project is abandoned and its default file will likely not work with the most recent version of World of Warcraft. Whether this project is out of date or its author has marked it as abandoned, this project is no longer maintained.

DailySummonHelper (World Events: Brewfest, Midsummer, Halloween Quests).

    Version:    2.0
    Date:        10/29/2009
    Author:        Yewbacca
    License:    All Rights Reserved.

Helps your party organize the summoning order for the seasonal daily summons, as well as exposing leechers who don't have the quest.

Supports all Daily Summons in the game:
    * Brewfest: Insult Coren Direbrew. [September, Blackrock Depths. Normal: One summon per team member. No Heroic.]
    * Midsummer: Summon Ahune. [June, Slave Pens. Normal: One summon per team member. Heroic: One summon total.]
    * Hallow's End/Halloween: Call the Headless Horseman. [October, Scarlet Graveyard. Normal: One summon per team member. No Heroic.]

What's New in v2.0?
    Version 2 was rewritten from the ground up to give the addon a completely new, automatic tracking method which frees the user to focus on the battle instead of constantly checking the status.
    The code has grown 5 times in size compared to the 1.x series in this transformation from a static slashcommand to a modular, powerful, automatic state tracking system. It only contains about 10 lines of code from the original.
    However, performance was the number one priority at every step of the way, by making it shut down large portions of itself whenever it's not needed, meaning that you can leave the addon enabled with the confidence that it's not going to impact your regular gameplay AT ALL.
    The most prominent new feature is the completely automatic quest state tracking, which watches the state of all supported quests and AUTOMATICALLY instructs the team on whose turn it is to summon and how many summons remain, at every step of the way.

    Usage is simple; simply pick up one of the supported daily summon quests (Brewfest/Midsummer/Halloween), and the addon will automatically start tracking its status. If you are alone, nothing will happen, but when you are in a party, it will assist the team by noting whose turn it is to summon at every step of the way.

    Before anyone starts summoning, it's good to get a first look at the team. To do so, type "/dsh" and it will list all the team members and their current status. When everyone is ready, tell the person at the top to start summoning and off you go.

    From then on, the addon will assist you by telling the team whose turn it is to summon next. No more confusion!

    Tip: The addon sends all status announcements to the party/raid by default, but you can configure the output mode to either "group" (party/raid) or "screen" (self-only) using the "/dsh announceto group" or "/dsh announceto screen" commands, respectively.

    Tip: By default, the "/dsh" command sends the information to whatever the "announceto" option is set to (defaults to Group), but you can TEMPORARILY override this by typing either "/dsh screen" or "/dsh group". This is useful if you have announcements set to "group" and you want to quickly check people's status without sending a block of text to the group!

    Tip: Anywhere you would use the option values "screen" or "group", you can use their shorthand values "s" or "g" instead, such as "/dsh announceto g" or "/dsh s".

    Tip: Use your own summon last (as the addon suggests), since the game client only allows you to query team status when you are on it.

Command Reference:
    /dsh quests
        Outputs a list of all the quests in your quest log, for testing purposes.
    /dsh announceto screen or /dsh announceto group
        Configure the destination for status announcements. This setting is saved per account.
    /dsh announceto
        Views the current destination.
        Sends the complete status for tracked quests to the announcement destination. Used for manually checking the state of everyone in team.
    /dsh s or /dsh g
        Does the same as "/dsh", but forces the output to either the screen or the group, ignoring the value of the "announceto" channel.
        Useful if you have announcements set to "group" and you want to quickly check people's status without sending a block of text to the group!

Note about Halloween Trouble:
    In addition to the daily summon, every player can also do a NON-DAILY, ONE-TIME-ONLY quest chain that starts at the Orphan Matron and allows you to perform one extra summon. However, that quest chain can only be done ONCE per character (it doesn't reset between years), and the addon will warn you if you are on that quest instead of the REAL daily. The real daily is started INSIDE SM Graveyard.

    Also, Blizzard's quest designers REALLY messed up this holiday, by NEEDLESSLY creating FOUR separate quests, all with the same quest text and objectives, named "Call the Headless Horseman". One of them is the one-time-only quest, one is an unsided (horde/ally) daily, one is a horde daily, and the last one is an alliance daily. This is completely braindead. They could EASILY get away with JUST the unsided daily. Think about it: The questgiver is an unsided NPC (a pumpkinhead in SM GY), the mob to kill is an unsided mob (Headless Horseman), and it's turned in at an OBVIOUSLY unsided piece of dirt. They did NOT need to create these four quests. Two would have been enough (the one-time-only, and the daily).
    However, to add to the trouble, the quests don't have any logic to them whatsoever! If you HAVEN'T done the one-time-only quest, the pumpkin will give you the SIDED version of the daily summon quest (meaning either the horde or ally version will be given to you). If you HAVE done the one-time-only quest, the pumpkin will give you the UNSIDED daily from then on.
    Can you imagine the havoc this causes? Unless EVERYONE in your team are in the same "state" regarding having done the one-time-only quest, they'll ALL have different quest IDs. And for an addon that uses Blizzard's API to do the quest status detection (which is how it sees if others have the quest and so on), an API which is limited to ONLY being able to see other people's status if they are on the EXACT SAME QUEST ID AS YOU, it's a completely addon-breaking problem, which could have easily been avoided if they had just ALWAYS given the same quest regardless of side.

    However, to combat this, v2.0 contains a new subtype of scanner which looks at certain text events to detect when someone uses their summon, no matter which one of the 3 questIDs they're on. This is also being used to detect when the Headless Horseman dies, to output a reminder about whose turn it is to summon, so it's a nice little feature which partially solves Blizzard's mess. However, it was created with ENGLISH WoW clients in mind. If anyone is using another client language and knows a bit of coding, please look at lines 312 and 326 of DailySummonHelper.lua, and replace it with the values for your language. VERIFY THAT IT WORKS AND IS STABLE, and then submit the fix to me and I'll write in multilanguage support.

Reporting Bugs (Yeah, right...):
    * If you THINK you have one of the supported daily summon quests and the addon STILL tells you that "You don't have any of the supported seasonal quests", it's a very good clue that you actually DON'T have any of the daily summon quests. So, the FIRST thing you should do is verify that you really DO have one of the daily quests (look at the list above).
    * If you still think there's a problem with the addon, you MUST type "/dsh quests", which outputs a list of all the quests you are currently on.
    * Then look at all the quests in RED color, those are DAILY quests you are currently on. Quests in WHITE are NOT dailies and should be ignored.
    * Look for the daily summon quest and give me a report containing BOTH the quest TITLE and ID that you see in the list. Any reports lacking this info will be deleted and considered a moron.
    I don't expect this type of report will ever happen as the current Quest IDs have all been verified, and are universal Quest IDs regardless of game client language. However, the feature is now there to help people see that they really don't have one of the supported *daily* summon quests (all reports so far have come from people who either have an unneccessary pre-quest instead of the real daily quest, or they have one-time NON-daily summon at Halloween).

    2.0 (10/29/2009):
    Complete rewrite. See Readme.txt "What's New in v2.0?". License changed to All Rights Reserved.

    1.2 (10/18/2009):
    Halloween Only: Completed the support for Halloween summons (I was forced to wait for the event and verify the real Quest IDs for myself, since Blizzard has made a damn mess of the quests in the database; it's full of duplicate quests all named "Call the Headless Horseman", and only a few of them were correct).
    Halloween Only: Outputs a detailed warning if the user is on the NON-DAILY, ONE-TIME-ONLY "Call the Headless Horseman" quest or its pre-quest "The Headless Horseman", and tells them to pick up the REAL *daily* inside Scarlet Monastery Graveyard.
    The addon will now expand (open) any closed quest headers before scanning your quests, since closed headers (in the quest log) means that addons cannot "see" those quests.
    Added a new "/dsh quests" command which lists all of your current quests, showing any dailies in red color (to aid in testing).

    1.1 (09/23/2009):
    Simplified the slash command to auto-detect party/raid/solo output.

    1.0 (09/18/2009):
    Initial release, fully stable.


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