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Read the following unless you want to accidentaly remove your entire friendslist

What does CyaMisfits do?

It's a simple but very handy addon now when all sorts of crossrealm groups are formed. If you're tired of having too many unknown people on your friendslist, maybe you need to add some new ones - This addon does the trick!

With a simple /misfits, or /cyamisfits

EVERY & regular Friend on your friendslist that DOES NOT have a personal note - will be removed. Use this with caution, if you're afraid of losing someone. Make sure he/she got a note first.


  • /misfits friends - To only remove every non friends that doesn't have a note from your friends list.
  • /misfits battlenet - Same thing as above but instead all your friends.
  • /misfits all - Removes every friend that doesn't have a note from your friend list. (friends&battlenet combined)
  • I've added 2 buttons to the "Pending" tab aswell, to either accept or decline all requests.

To add a note to someone

  1. Open up your friendslist (O)
  2. Right click their name
  3. Click "Set Note"
  • Hydeen (Author)
  • Teyn (Maintainer)


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