Cross Gambling

85,753 Downloads Last Updated: Aug 2, 2018 Game Version: 8.0.1

This addon is a made verison of GCGambler
Original owned/maker of the addon Myrx from Gentlemen's club

Please report any issues on the github page:


This is a gambling addon that requires users to roll the amount of gold they wish to bet.
The winnings and losses are calculated from the difference between the highest and lowest numbers rolled.


Deathspree rolls 9320 (1-10000)
Entity rolls 5606 (1-10000)
Powerthirst rolls 6378 (1-10000)
GotGames rolls 7234 (1-10000)

Deathspree owes Entity 3714 gold.


The number in the middle of the screen is the amount you're going to roll for.
Clicking [Open Entry] will start the game

Anyone who wishes to join just has to type 1 in either raid chat or guild chat (depending on which one you set it to)
Next you will click [Last Call] to post a final notification to those who wish to join the game.
Finally [ROLL!] will enable to game and allow those who are playing's rolls to be tracked.

(For the addon owner, you will need to click [Enter's For You] to join the game, and [User Roll] to roll your dice)

Clicking [ROLL!] again during rolling phase will enable the addon to notify the names of those who have not rolled yet.

Upon everyone rolling, the addon will automatically post the winner / loser in chat.

::CrossGambling Commands::

/CrossGambler - Show command list
/CG - Show command list
/CG show - Show's the UI
/CG hide - Close the UI if unable to click the X
/CG reset - Resets the addon (incase games bugs)
/CG resetstats - Resets the stat tracker on wins / losses
/CG joinstats [main] [alt] - Join the two character's win/loss amounts on stat tracker
/CG unjoinstats [alt] - Unjoins the Alt from whomever it's attached to
/CG ban - Ban players from joining
/CG unban - Unbans a previously banned player
/CG banlist - Check the list of those who are banned


Added for 8.0:

/cg fullstats - Will now show the full stats page you have instead of top and bottom.

/cg channel - You can specify a custom channel (/join gambling, etc)

/cg minimap - toggle minimap hide/show


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