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CoolLine is a spell/item cooldown mod that displays icons on a single bar/line to give you an idea of when it will be ready. There is no bar timer and no text timer.

CoolLine is inspired by Forte_Cooldown (a module in the ForteXorcist package). CoolLine is basically a stripped down and standalone version written from scratch. The name comes from putting "cooldown" and "timeline" together (yes, lame).

YouTube Intro

How to Use:

  • Change settings - "/coolline" or check Interface Options -> AddOns
  • Change position and size - unlock to make it draggable and resizable
  • Filter/unfilter a spell or item cooldown - "/coolline Spell Item Name Link"
  • Add more fonts/texture - CoolLine uses LibSharedMedia


  • Only one spell/item will be shown in an event that multiple spells/items share the same cooldown (whichever appeared first).
  • If you like the idea of this mod but want more, I highly suggest checking out ForteXorcist or Ellipsis. I'll most likely ignore requests to make CoolLine more similar to them.
  • CoolLine only does spell/item cooldowns and NOT buff/debuff cooldowns, flight timers, time til enrage, etc; this will NOT change so don't ask.

External Support:

  • CoolLine.NewCooldown( name, icon, endtime, isplayer )
    • name - unique string id of the cooldown, used as a look-up id
    • icon - string icon path used to display image on the bar
    • endtime - numerical time when the icon should expire, based on GetTime()
    • isplayer - boolean value used to determine if the icon is colored by spell

  • CoolLine.ClearCooldown(unused, name)

Please visit here to provide feedback.