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CooldownSync is a tool to synchronize the usage of cooldowns and maximize the damage potential of your group.

  • Track allies major DPS cooldowns.
  • Track allies major support abilities like Power Infusion, Ebon Might and Blessing of Summer


Priests and Holy Paladins

  • Select another player as a "buddy" and track their major DPS cooldowns.
  • Macros will auto-update to cast Power Infusion or Blessing of Summer on your chosen buddy.
  • Select an audio alert to play when an ally has used a major DPS cooldown.


Configure Macros which Automatically Update

Automatic Macro Generation


Configure Audio and Glow options

Customize Audio and Glows


Augmentation Evokers

  • Highlight party and raid frames as they cast their major DPS (or healing) cooldowns.
  • Select other players as "buddies" and track their major DPS cooldowns directly.


All Classes:

  • Maintain a list of 10 "party buddies" and "raid buddies".
  • Any time you enter a party or raid with these players, automatically begin tracking their cooldowns.
  • Useful for keeping an eye on Power Infusion, Blessing of Summer or other support abilities to line up your cooldowns.


Buddy Management

Buddy Management




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